Am I really doing this??

Welcome to my first ever blog post! I truly can’t believe I am doing this. As someone who has never been much of a writer and never even considered a blog in the past, here I am starting one.

So you might be asking? Why are you starting a blog? Blogs have become my recent obsession. I am following so many blogs right now on every topic from makeup, fitness, recipes, organization, fashion and more. The more I read, the more I thought….I could do that! Not only could I do that, but I don’t see any other blogger with my same background of nutrition AND makeup out there. (I may be wrong about this, feel free to comment and tell me of other bloggers- I’d love to follow them).

Writing a blog will serve a couple of purposes for me. It encourages me to stay current on research, emerging topics and trends in my areas of interest (and share that information with my readers), it will help me bridge the gap between my two careers and lastly it will be fun!

So who am I? Well, if you  haven’t already read my About section (which I suggest you do because I spent a long time writing that), I am a Registered Dietitian and Professional Makeup Artist. I will be writing a blog on nutrition & makeup. I’ll share with you my personal nutrition stories, tips & tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, information on recent nutrition research & hot topics. As for makeup, I’ll share with you makeup tutorials, product reviews & my favourite products. I will also throw in some other fun stuff on fitness & travel as those are also two big parts of my life.

I really hope you enjoy this blog. I would appreciate any comments or emails (constructive preferably) on improving my blog as I am a newbie!


I love hearing from my readers! Please leave a reply

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