Introductory Post: Running…My Convoluted Journey

I have never been a “runner”. Some people find running naturally easy, relaxing or enjoyable. I never got any of that from running. For me, running is hard. However, I’ve always wanted to be a runner. You see those people running through the river valley, they look like the epitome of health and fitness and I get that urge to run. For me to run I need to set a goal. So I decided to set a bucket list goal of running a half marathon.

So in July 2011 I did my first half marathon – the Stampede Road Race. My training for that race was dismal to say the least. The longest I ran during the training was 11 km and I did that once….

So to state the obvious the race was hard for me…REALLY hard! I remember fantasizing for about 10km the different ways to pretend to twist my ankle so I could bow out “gracefully”. However, despite wanting to quit I continued to run, repeatedly singing Destiny’s Child’s “I’m a Survivor” in my head…..I had forgot my iPod. By some miracle, I finished that race with a time of 2:24 under my goal of 2:30.


After that race, I felt content. I could say I had run a half marathon; I had no desire to try again. And so I stopped running. Until the following summer when my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Las Vegas. I’m not sure if I heard her say marathon I just remember saying “Vegas Baby!”

And so I started running again. And to my surprise, this time I liked it. I really, really liked it. I was getting all those feelings of pleasure out of it like everyone talked about. I was finding myself running longer than my training plan called for, faster than my target pace. And then it happened….an injury! I finished up an 8km run one day feeling fantastic. I sprinted at the end of the run because I was filled with energy and just loving life. Later that night I tried to get off the couch and I almost fell to the ground from the pain in my foot.

For about a week I hobbled around before I realized it was time to see a doctor. I went through a series of doctors, physiotherapist, x-rays, bone scans, etc. And no one seemed to know what was wrong with me. It seemed like tendonitis but wasn’t showing classic symptoms. It seemed like a stress fracture but didn’t show up in the bone scan. Finally a podiatrist decided the best course of action for me would be a cast and crutches for 3 weeks… And when those 3 weeks ended and I didn’t feel any better it was decided I needed another 3 weeks

By the time I got out of my cast and crutches it was 1 day before leaving for Las Vegas. Needless to say…I didn’t run. However, my friend, her husband and my husband did run – a FULL marathon! They all did so amazing and despite my pity party, I was there to cheer them on in full force.


My friends& Tom (my husband)
(Please excuse his gross mustache, although this was at the beginning of December he refused to shave his “November mustache” until after the race)


Tom crossing the finish line. He finished at 3:46:57

Now after considerable time healing from my injury, I got back in the saddle and started training again. This summer I completed two half marathon’s with my sister! (to be discussed in a further blog post) The training was not without some hiccups (a glute tear that sidelined me for one half marathon). Now I’ve officially been bitten by the running bug. I am already looking at my calendar for next year and setting a new bucket list goal….a full marathon!


Have you had injuries that caused you to quit a race? Are you signed up for any races next year?


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