It’s Time For a Weekend Getaway

This morning Tom and I left the ridiculously cold Calgary for balmy Victoria, BC. Well actually, with the windchill it’s actually still -17 Celsius. Apparently this is record breaking cold in Victoria. Meanwhile in Calgary…


Our main reason for coming to Victoria is to see Tom’s Grandma, who also happens to be the sweetest woman in the entire world.  We also have some other family in the area that we plan to visit over the weekend as well. But when we got off the plane, we headed straight to see Grandma. First…a picture with totem poles..


After our visit with Grandma, she requested three things to bring back to her tomorrow….caramels, peanut butter & puffed wheat. So we went on a hunt. Unfortunately, the windchill was actually pretty cold (not so balmy after all) so we found the caramels and decided to leave the rest until tomorrow. We checked into our hotel, The Inn at Laurel Point. We booked the hotel off priceline, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. It’s a little further from downtown than some of the other popular hotels but once we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised.



Our harbour view


Now I LOVE hotel rooms. Opening the door to a hotel room is like opening a present on Christmas morning to me. I just can’t wait to see what it looks like, what kind of soaps are in the bathroom, what kind of coffee is provided and most importantly….IS THERE A ROBE!?!?! If a hotel has a robe it is A++ in my book! And luckily this hotel had one. Just ONE…too bad Tom but that robe is all mine!Image

After I reluctantly took off the robe, I checked out the hotel’s fitness facilities. And as far as hotel room fitness facilities go, this hotel has a pretty good one. So I was able to get a quick work out in!


Now it’s time to paint the town! Or, more likely go for dinner, have 2 glasses of wine leaving me slightly tipsy and pass out in my robe as soon as I hit the hotel room.

Where is your next vacation? Do you love hotel rooms as much as I do?


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