A day of sightseeting

Another good day in Victoria. We started our day with our own hotel breakfast. Instant oatmeal in glasses, yogurt and coffee.


We then hit the hotel’s fitness centre. I tried out one of Peanut Butter Finger’s Treadmill Workouts, they’re always a great workout that make the treadmill seem less monotonous and burn enough calories to allow me to eat copious amounts of chocolate.


We met up with Tom’s Uncle & Aunt who took us out for an amazing lunch. The restaurant was right on the marina.


View from my seat at the restaurant

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of my food. But it was delicious! I had a winter vegetable spice soup to start, followed by a quinoa and leantil tabbouleh with naan bread and for dessert I tried creme brulee for the first time. Honestly, not my favourite dessert, I’m more of a chocolate person. (See above photo)

Then it was time to check out the sights of Victoria. I’ve been here twice before, but I never tire of the beautiful harbour and Fairmont Empress Hotel.



For the first time, we ventured into the Empress Hotel to check it out. Great timing as there was a Festival of Trees going on, there were over 100 trees decorated! It was really beautiful. A few of my favourites…



And the one we (ahem, I) voted for…


Then by some luck, we found out there was a Truck Light and Sailboat Light Parade this evening. Both the streets and water were lit up with lights. It was gorgeous!

Now time for a little holiday movie in our hotel room. Watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Amazingly neither Tom or I have ever seen it.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Are you going to any Festival of Trees in your area this year?


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