Great Gatsby Hair & Makeup

Two weeks ago a friend of mine was going to a Great Gatsby themed Christmas party. How awesome is that! She asked me to help her with her hair & makeup for the event.


The 1920’s is my favourite era! If I could go back in time, that’s definitely when I would chose to live. Luckily, not only did I study 1920’s makeup in school, I also completed a 1920 style photo shoot with a local photographer and fellow makeup artist this summer.



Hair & Makeup done by me

1920’s HAIR:

The 1920’s was all about the bob. The 20’s was an era of social rebellion and this was the first time women cut their hair short, wore dark makeup and started wearing short dresses. Finger waves were also really on trend at the time.

1920 hair

For my friend’s hair she wanted a fingerwaved updo. This is a great way to put a modern spin on a 20’s style hairdo. A faux bob can look really great as well.

For my 1920’s photoshoot, I did fingerwaves the old fashioned way, using gel, ALOT of gel. While it looked great in photos, having a hairstyle that doubles as a mirror and is as hard as a rock, isn’t the best suited for a party.


Hair & Makeup done by me

I was looking for a more modern twist on the fingerwave. I turned to YouTube, for inspiration and found a tutorial by Shannon Nicole.

The tutorial worked out very well. I would have liked a bit more dramatic finger wave, but I think if I practiced some more with this method I could achieve it. Here’s how my friend’s hair turned out.


1920’s MAKEUP

As previously mentioned, the 20’s was about dark eye makeup for ladies. Ladies lined their eyes with kohl liner and smudged it for a smokey effect. Their eyebrows were pencil thin and downturned.

Pale skin was in with red, rose or orange blush worn directly on the apples of the cheeks. And the popular lip was the Clara Bow lip, which emphasized the top bow of the lip and cut the corners short to make lips appear smaller. LIpsticks were generally a dark deep reddish tone. I like MAC Darkside for this look.

1920 makeup

To update this look for my friend, I shaded the outer v of the eye with black eyeshadow (MAC Carbon). I then smudged it with a dark grey (MAC Print). On the lid I used a mauve colour (MAC Shale). I lined the upper and lower lash line and added mascara. I used a rose toned blush on the apples of the cheeks (MAC Fever) . We didn’t go for the Clara Bow lip, she just put her own lipstick on herself.

Overall, I think the look turned out great. Very glam, 20’s and Gatsby!



Have you ever tried achieving a 1920’s look? What’s your favourite era for trends?


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