A Few of My Favourite Things

Last I got my hands on my new Mizunos! I was so excited. I love the colour of these shoes. I’m a big fan of bright running shoes. It’s the one shoe you can wear in ridiculously bright colours and no one looks twice. I also like a company that produces womens running shoes in a colour other than pink. Don’t get me wrong…I love pink as much as the next girl but variety is the spice of life šŸ˜‰


Of course I had to try them on right away. They felt great, can’t wait to try them on a run.


Today it was time to get my hair done. It’s my favorite day out of every two months. I love changing my hair color, I’ve pretty much had every hair color imaginable. I had my hair dark and long for quite a long time so last time I cut my hair and started lightning it. Today I went a step further in lightening it.




Scary I know!!



Then it was time to head to Edmonton to see my adorable little nieces!!


We baked a cake together for my sisters birthday tomorrow. I let my two year old niece try cracking an egg. Well…she got more of it on herself than in the bowl. I was laughing so hard, she however was crying. This is why I’m not a parent…

But one lick (okay multiple) of the batter and she felt all better!


What are some random things that make you happy?


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