Do as I Say Not as I Do

I can write a lot of tips about how to eat healthier during the holidays or parties but yesterday I didn’t follow any of my own advice. My typical 80/20 rule was ousted. This is because yesterday was my sister’s 30th Birthday. I knew I had to make it special and that included some food…a lot of food!

The night before her birthday after she went to bed I snuck downstairs to do some decorating.



Her kids have an elf on the shelf so I decided to frame him for it!


Then it was time for breakfast. I made what is possibly the most unhealthy thing I have ever ate. A cinnamon bun french toast bake. Boy was it delicious though!! I won’t even share the recipe….you don’t want to know.


Then I took my nieces to pick out a present for her at the dollar store. This is what they picked.


Then the surprises began. My sister thought we were going to visit my cousin for the afternoon and then having dinner with my Mom. When we got to my cousins I said okay let’s go! My cousin watched her girls while te two of us headed to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Telus World of Science. She may be 30 but still a kid at heart.

Then we were off to our next destination, the spa! I has booked a private room at a spa where a group o is girls could have pedicures and manicures. There was a hostess who served us food and drinks. She waited on us hand and foot. Definitely felt pampered!! This was my first ever manicure, I hate getting my nails filed!! I survived with a little teeth gritting along the way.


Then off to the Old Spaghetti Factory to meet a bunch more people for supper. We however ended up being almost an hour late!! The spa appointment ran late then my sister forgot her keys in my moms car so we had to turn around and it starred freezing rain. I was so stressed by the time we made it to the restaurant! They could not have brought that glass of wine quick enough!!

I ate and ate! Bread, Caesar salad, lasagna and ice cream!!

Overall a great day and my sister was very surprised!! I would say today would be a healthier day but we are having an early Christmas with my Dad. Time to take my own advice though!!

Have you ever been to a spa party? Have you ever had a breakfast that really should have been called dessert?


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