Christmas Comes Early

After Saturday’s many indulgences, I woke up Sunday knowing I needed to eat better and exercise. So I had some protein pancakes with peanut butter & apple for breakfast. My sister had made her own protein pancakes. The recipe differed slightly from mine but they were equally delicious. Recipe


Then I headed onto my sister’s treadmill for a run. I really need to get over my fear of running in the winter and just get out there! But for now, I still did the treadmill. I did intervals of walking and sprinting:

Speed Incline

0-5 minutes 4.5 8

5-7 minutes 7 1

7-8 minutes 4.5 6

8-9 minutes 8 1

9-10 minutes 4 1

10-11 minutes 9 1

11-12 minutes 4 1

12-13 minutes 10 1

(Repeat minutes 8-13 two more times)

23-27 minutes 7 1

27-30 minutes 4 6

30-33 minutes 4 1

It was a great interval workout and I was very sweaty by the end. My two nieces were playing in the basement while I was running and were asking me about a million questions, “Why are you running?”, “Why are you slowing down?”, “Why are you going faster now?”, “Why are you sweating?”


And it was a little difficult to talk to them while I’m sprinting at speed 10, trying hard not to fall off the treadmill and cause a Jen shaped hole in my sister’s drywall! But they were a great help when it was time to stretch. We all stretched together and they helped me stretch out my legs.

For lunch I had my leftover lasagna from the Old Spaghetti Factory because I only ate half the portion and packed the rest up. See, I did follow some of my own advice! Then it was time to go to my Dad’s for an early Christmas. My Dad goes down to Phoenix for a couple of months and leaves next weekend so we had our Christmas early. In the past, we have done it when he got back but last year that meant we had Christmas and Easter all in one. It seemed a little ridiculous, so I think the early Christmas was better.

Supper was delicious and while I did slightly really overeat. I did ensure that at least half of my plate was vegetables.

20131216-173325.jpgDo you love our royal chinet? We’re classy like that;)

As for today, breakfast was oatmeal with dried cranberries & a little tons of cinnamon.


Then I got a chance to go watch my niece in her dance class which was super adorable!


Lunch was at Extreme Pita where I had a small grilled chicken pita loaded with vegetables, hummus & hot sauce!

The drive back home wasn’t too bad. One semi half in the ditch and facing the wrong direction…but otherwise okay!

Now I’m off to make the most amazing kale salad. I’ll post pics and recipe after I’ve devoured it. I’ll leave you in suspense of the recipe for now…



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