You Are What You Eat!

They say you are what you eat.


But seriously, if that’s true I think I’m going to turn into kale! Which I suppose isn’t a bad thing considering kale is a great health food. Kale is high in fibre, iron, calcium and antioxidants!

Lately, I have been eating kale like it’s going out of style. The other night I made the most amazing kale salad ever. Then the last two mornings I’ve made delicious high fibre, high protein kale smoothies!

Berry Kale Smoothie

1 cup Kale

1 cup Frozen Berries

1 Tsbp Wheat Bran

1/2 Tbsp Flaxseed

1/2 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt

3/4 Cup Wildberry Juice

Throw it all in a blender and enjoy an amazing and healthy breakfast. One smoothie provides 22g protein & 8g fibre.


Banana Peanut Butter Kale Smoothie

1 Cup Kale

1 Banana

1 Tbsp Peanut Butter

1 Tbsp Wheat Bran

1/2 Tbsp Flax Seed

3/4 Cup juice (I used orange)

1/2 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt

1 smoothie provides 25g protein & 8g of fibre



I really wanted to make a kale salad again for supper tonight as I have some pomegranates and had a great idea for a sweeter fruit, nut & kale salad but Tom said “Enough Kale Already!!!” So I guess I’ll have to wait for that…

So instead I went with chicken breast seasoned with Montreal Chicken Spice & red pepper flakes with TruRoots quinoa & wild rice blend & steamed broccoli. It was good…but I think I’ll go to sleep dreaming about my kale.


Now I’m off to the movies…Tom is taking forcing me to go see The Hobbit. I am however excited about the popcorn. After a very healthy day of good eats and starting Stage 2 of New Rules of Lifting for Women, I think I deserve a little treat!

Have you ever tried a kale smoothie?



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