5 Ways To Get Yourself To The Gym On Days You Really Don’t Want To

I think we’ve all been there before. It’s time for your workout and all you can think about is how badly you don’t want to do it.

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I have actually drove to the gym, sat in the car for about 5 minutes arguing with myself over whether or not to go in and then drove home. Not my proudest moment…

So how do you motivate yourself on those days. Here are a couple tips & tricks that usually work for me.

1. Set a Schedule

Having a set schedule of which days you go to the gym/workout and what you plan to do can help keep you more accountable. Without a specific plan or goal in mind, it’s easier to push off your exercise until the next day.

Compare: Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am going to go to the gym and do half hour run and then 20 minutes of weights vs I am going to work out three times per week.


2. Look up Inspirational Quotes

It might sound cheesy. But sometimes a quick surf of the Pinterest Fitness board and you’re fired up and ready to kick some butt at the gym.


3. Tell yourself you are going to do an easy workout

Some days when I’m just not feeling it, I tell myself that I’ll just do an easy workout. Maybe I’ll just do an incline walk on the treadmill rather than run or I’ll cut one set short, better than nothing. It gets me to the gym but by the time I’m there I’ve forgotten about my easy workout.

4. Sign up for a class or find a workout buddy

Being accountable to someone else is one of the number one ways to stay motivated. If you have trouble getting to the gym on your own find someone and make regularly scheduled exercise plans. Or sign up to a fitness class so that you have a set time you plan on attending.


5. Think about how you feel after you workout

While it’s hard to get motivation to get to the gym. You always feel amazing after you’ve finished. So try to imagine the way you’ll feel and the progress that you’re making.


And if all else fails you can do what I did today. I was desperately craving a milkshake today. I also had zero energy or drive to go the gym. So I made a deal with myself. Go to the gym and I can have my milkshake. No gym=No milkshake. Well guess what…


That milkshake was worth every mile I ran!

Please note that I am being totally sarcastic about using this as a strategy to workout! My milkshake had more calories than what I burnt during my run. Not a very effective strategy. But some days you just have to…

Also, FYI I did not drink that entire milkshake. They consider that a small! I couldn’t believe it. Waaayy too much, I had a stomach ache after drinking half.

What do you do to motivate yourself? What’s your favourite milkshake flavour?


One thought on “5 Ways To Get Yourself To The Gym On Days You Really Don’t Want To

  1. Reblogged this on Lighten Up! and commented:
    Love this. I was given a good tip to think of all the positivity you’ve gained from working out and all the awesome results. It’s a good reminder why you should keep going! Mine is def (after being reminded of this ) being able to go to the mall and trying on clothes with out bawling cause nothing fit!’ 🙂

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