The Amazing Running Sisters

This fall I completed 2 half-marathons with my sister. Although, this may be old news I wasn’t blogging at the time and still think they deserved a little recap.

If you don’t know about my running history, I suggest you check out my previous post.

But before, I get to talking about the runs I have to take a moment to talk brag about my sister. My sister in the last year has lost over 50 pounds. I wish I could say it was because I was coaching her and giving her weight loss advice, but no, she did that all on her own. A year ago she could only run for 2 minutes before needing a walk break and then this fall, she completed two half marathons! She is so inspiring to me!

But back to our races:

Our first half marathon this fall was the Run Burundi in Sherwood Park, AB. This race was a bit of a mess for both my sister and I.

For Me:

Two weeks before this run, I tore my glute muscle, which caused me to back out of the Melissa’s Road Race the week before. I really wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to run this race considering I couldn’t even walk without limping in pain. I came prepared with voltaren pain gel, advil & even some tylenol 3’s (I would not recommend this, but I was determined). I showed up the start line with zero expectations. I was completely okay with only getting 5km and quitting if that’s what had to happen but I knew I had to at least try.

For My sister:

A couple days before the race my sister got a terrible cold! Which was bad enough but the night before the race, trying to ensure she could get a good sleep she took some cough & cold medicine. Unfortunately, this cold medicine seemed to have the opposite effect on her, she was completely wired and got less than a hour of sleep the night before the race.

The morning of the race, between my injury and Val being sick and exhausted. We looked at each other and said, should we even go? But ultimately decided, we would at least try.


This race was very small, there were probably a total of about 30 runners. We hesitantly headed for the start line and we were off. We knew this wasn’t going to be a record breaker, so we were taking an easy pace. Early on, we were the very back of the pack. Right before the 5km mark, my sister said she needed to walk. She slowed down I looked at her and saw her eyes rolling back into her head. She essentially passed out into my arms. I grabbed her and was able to sit down on the grass. I was terrified! But she drank some water and took some of the Real Fruit Gummies, we had brought as fuel. I told her lets just walk back. We can say we did a 10km. But she was determined to go on. So the rest of the race, we took slow. A lot of walking breaks and a few other close calls on her passing out again. I couldn’t believe her fierce determination.

As I mentioned, we were the back of the pack of this small race. However, at one point we were coming up to a place where the path crossed the road. We saw a bunch of the runners running towards us. We were quite puzzled until they started yelling at the people who were supposed to be marking the route. Apparently, no one was there to tell the group to turn and they all missed it. I’m not sure how much extra they ran but considering we caught up with them, I’m guessing a couple of kilometers. It was hilarious to us, not so funny to them!


We finished the half-marathon with a time of 2:44. I don’t think Val could have been any happier to see that finish line.


I on the other hand, despite my injury was feeling great!


This was the moment I realized, I could complete a full marathon!


Totally stole this pose from Monica of Run Eat Repeat

A couple days later, I was still on my runners high. I wanted to complete another half marathon. I felt we didn’t get a good first go at it, considering our injuries and sickness. So I called up Val and asked if she wanted to do the MEC Calgary Race Seven in two weeks. She was in!

The second half marathon went better for the both of us. But neither of us had ran in those two weeks between the half-marathons, not once! This course was also quite hilly and it was a very windy day. But despite all of that we managed to finish in 2:38.


So what’s next? As I mentioned, I am ready to try complete a full-marathon. I have entered my name into the lottery for the New York City Marathon. That’s a total long shot. If I don’t get into that then likely it will be the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon that I choose.

As for half-marathons. My goal is for a sub-2:15 half next year. I think that’s very do-able considering I ran my first half in 2:24 with very limited training. Now to decide which runs to register for…

Have you ever ran with a sibling or friend? What runs do you have planned for next year?


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