Christmas Comes Early…Again!

Yesterday after another white knuckled drive on the highway, Tom and I made it to our home town!


I haven’t mentioned this before but Tom and I are highschool sweethearts. Awwww…. aren’t we adorable! The other day on Instagram I shared a picture of us from when we first started dating and were on a high school trip to Europe.


Anyways, we are home for the holidays. Yesterday we had another early Christmas, this time with my Mom. Christmas this year will be spent with Toms family.

We drew names and my brother got my name.  He got me an awesome new lululemon yoga mat!! Yoga has been a more recent addition to my workout routine. I’m still experimenting and trying to find out what type I like best. So far I’m loving traditional hot yoga!

Tom got some new shorts and shirt for rock climbing. Can you tell we like being active??


I ate waaay to much yesterday, so today Tom and I are off to the gym. Time to try out Workout B of the New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 2.

Then we are heading to the mall…


Although I was finished Christmas shopping before December 1st. I feel like competing in an extreme sport today. It’s called parking stall hunting. You start by stalking your prey, people leaving the mall with loaded bags, you slowly creep along behind them as they find their vehicle. When another hunter approaches, you give them a death stare that says, don’t even think about it. As they start backing out you inch closer and closer making it almost impossible for them to back out and then you slam your foot to the gas and fishtail your way into the stall to ensure no one else steals it. Success!

For real though, we are heading to the mall to get me a new computer! Merry Early Christmas to me.  That way I can write proper blog posts rather than accidentally sending out 1 line blogs (sorry about that).

Are you braving the mall in the next couple of days? What type of yoga do you like?


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