Christmas Wrap Up

Well folks, it’s all over. I’ve ate way too much food and was spoiled with way too many presents!


[These are not all my presents]


However, that is my stocking that is completely overflowing! It was stocked with amazing goodies like a merino wool base layer, new balance running socks, Purdy’s chocolates, wine stoppers, toiletries and more!

And then I opened my present from Tom!


A Garmin Forerunner! I was so excited. He totally tricked me this year. I wanted a Garmin so bad but he kept telling me it was silly because I could just use the running apps on my phone. I cannot wait to head out for a run now and test it out.

And what did I get for Tom? An iPad Mini. He was super excited!

As for today, I did not brave the malls. But I did get tempted by an online boxing day sale by New Balance and purchased the Heidi Klum Moto pullover I have been eyeing!


Overall, it was an amazing Christmas. But now time to get back to real life. I go back to work tomorrow and I have a lot of blog posts I’m currently working on so stay tuned…

What did you get for Christmas? Do you have any of the Garmin watches?


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