Winter Running and a New Computer Part Deux

Every time I hear the phrase “part Deux” I think of this movie.


Does anyone else love that movie? That was back in the day before Charlie Sheen was drugged up and loving goddesses.

Anyways…today I went for my second (Deux…get it) outdoor winter run. Although, it was 8 degrees today so that hardly qualifies as winter in Canada.


I ran 7km. This time I went on a running path which was way better! Still a little slippery at parts but much better than the residential streets.


Then I “refueled” with some amazing homemade lefse my friend gave me at New Years.


For supper I made a delicious beet and lentil salad.


I topped romaine lettuce with roasted beets, red lentils, cucumber and feta cheese. I made a salad dressing with olive oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and honey.

Then it was time to head back to the Apple store to get a new iMac. What?? Didn’t I just buy a new iMac. Well yes I did but unfortunately while I thought I had lots of storage space, it turns out converting your pictures to the retina display version takes up considerably more storage. So suddenly my hard drive was entirely full and I was unable to open any of my applications!! I was just going to buy a large flash drive to transfer my pictures to but I have a tendency to lose things….

So Tom suggested we just exchange the computer for the next level up which has double the storage. So now it’s time to set up my new computer again! Which is why I’m writing this post on my phone once again accidentally hit publish prematurely. Sorry!!

Oh and also I got a chance to wear my new boots to the mall! Aren’t I so stylish now? 😉

The only problem is they don’t have very much grip and I almost biffed twice in Target.

Charlie Sheen -love or hate?




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