Trying Out The Run-Walk-Run Method

I posted yesterday, about my plan to try out Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run method in training for my upcoming half-marathon. Today was the first time I gave it a go. I am running 4 minutes/walking 1 minute. I didn’t follow the set paces as described. Instead, I decided to use today as a test run. I decided I would run at whatever pace felt comfortable and see what time I ended up with.


My typical time for a 3 mile (5km) run is around 30 minutes. Today, I finished my run using the run-walk-run method in 30:03. So, I didn’t end up running faster but considering I walked for 5 of those minutes, I was pretty impressed with that time.

I definitely found the run easier. I enjoyed breaking my run into those 4 minute increments. It seemed to pass the time by quickly and I could see myself easily being able to push myself faster knowing I only had to maintain that pace for a set amount of time. For now, I will continue with this running plan and definitely keep you posted.

In other news, I received mail yesterday!


Does anyone else get this excited when they get mail? It’s the whole reason I shop online! I received my New Balance Thermal Impact Tights and Heidi Klum Moto Pullover that I ordered on boxing day. I wore both new items on my run today.

The pants were super comfortable and warm! I really could have used these yesterday when my legs were freezing during my run. I love that they zip up (err…down?) at the bottom ensuring that you don’t get any snow flying up your pant leg or end up with soaking wet pant bottoms.


They also have some reflective stripes which are great for increased visibility. My one con to these pants it they only have one small pocket. I like to have pockets that can hold multiple items during runs – keys, nutrition (gummies, gu, etc.), and advil if necessary. I felt like they could have increased the number and/or size of pockets in these pants.

As for the pullover. I had already heard lots of great reviews on the moto pullover by other fitness bloggers and I definitely agree. I think it’s so cute that you can pull it off as casual wear. In fact, I almost didn’t want to wear it during my run today because it’s too nice. I love the front zippered pocket. Today, I got too hot during my run and removed my toque and mitts, so the pocket was great for storing these items during the rest of my run. Also, doubled as faking a pregnancy…


After these two great items from New Balance I will definitely consider them for future running gear needs.

What’s your favourite brand of running gear?


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