Top 5 Excuses to Skip A Workout & How To Get Over Them

We’ve all done it, made an excuse to not go for your planned workout. Today I’ll describe 5 of the most common reasons people skip their workout and how you can overcome these excuses!


1. I Don’t Have Any Time to Workout

I think this is definitely the #1 excuse to not workout.


How to get over it:

  1. Try a morning workout – If you can’t seem to find a spare moment in your day, get up earlier! That way you can get your workout over and done with for the day. It can be very difficult to start morning workouts but once you do it a few times and get into a routine, you may find you enjoy it.
  2. Try working out at lunch – Working out over your lunch break is an excellent way to squeeze in a workout and you just might find yourself more productive at your job in the afternoon.
  3. Workout right after work – Plan crockpot meals or simple meals that require little prep allowing you extra time to workout rather than in the kitchen.
  4. Plan your workout – Put your workouts into your schedule as an appointment and plan your day around them. Remember that you are worth taking an hour out of your day for self improvement!
  5. Try short high intensity workouts – By using high intensity interval training (HIIT) you can shorten your workouts while still receiving excellent benefits. HIIT is quickly becoming one of the newest fitness crazes so look for classes in your area. Alternatively, Jillian Michaels home workout DVDs are great.

2. Showers


This excuse really pertains more to ladies. Men can shower & be ready within 5 minutes of finishing a workout. For women, it’s somewhat more complicated. A shower entails blow drying hair, styling hair, and applying makeup. This process can take some time.

How to get over it:

  1. Try a morning workout – If you workout before you go to work, you will only have to worry about showering and getting ready once during the day.
  2. Learn the keys to freshening up without a shower:

-Put your hair up or in a shower cap and shower just your body. This way you can freshen up your body and remove odour but you don’t have to redo your hair & makeup

-Invest in dry shampoo! This stuff is a lifesaver. Spray the dry shampoo at the base of your hair where your hair gets sweaty to prevent it from looking oily the rest of the day. My favourite dry shampoo is Tresemme Fresh Start.


-Use oil absorbing sheets to blot away oil & reduce shine. I love, love, love the clean & clear oil absorbing sheets for this.

oil absorb

-Powder your face. After the oil absorbing sheets applying a powder will help reset your makeup and reduce any further shine. My favourite MAC Mineralize Skinfinish natural


3. I’m Too Tired


It can be difficult to get up early enough to workout before work or if you’ve planned your workout for after work, your energy levels may be drained by the end of the day.

How to get over it:

  1. The more you workout the more your energy levels will increase. Therefore, sometimes you will just have to suck it up and go do your workout when you’re tired. But you will notice a difference as you continue to workout.
  2. Have a coffee, or caffeinated beverage in the afternoon. This will help boost your energy levels so you’re ready to go after work.
  3. Plan a snack. Sometimes, the slump we feel is low energy levels. So fuel up with a snack before you go for a workout. Carbohydrates are the fuel your body uses for exercise so ensure your snack has carbohydrates. Fruit can be a great pre-workout snack.

4. I’m too sore 

When you start a new workout routine, you will inevitably feel that soreness for a few days. It seems impossible that when you can barely sit on the toilet you are going to be able to get back to the gym and workout again.


How to get over it:

There is no real trick to this. You just have to go back and workout again.

suck it up

Do you notice that you feel the most sore after you’ve been sitting for a while. Once you get your muscles moving again it’s not so bad. So take some time to warm your body up before you get into your workout. It will be slightly uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes but once your muscles are warmed up, you won’t even feel any soreness. I promise! You just have to try it.

Also, consider that you will experience more soreness overall if you continuously start/stop workout programs. If you just get through the first week of discomfort, you will be set!

5. I’m Too Overweight To Work Out/I’m Already Thin So I Don’t Need to Work Out

This excuse really goes both ways and neither one of them fly in my books.

no no

How to get over it:

Skinny does not equal healthy. Exercise provides so many benefits beyond weight loss that every person regardless of current weight should be exercising.

Many overweight people feel uncomfortable in a gym setting. If this is the case, find something you do feel comfortable doing. Perhaps home workouts are best for you or find a gym you do feel comfortable at. Many gyms will offer a free week trial before you sign on. Take advantage of that and find a place you like and will feel comfortable going to before you waste your money on a membership. Often smaller or community based gyms will be less intimidating than big box chain gyms. Also, try not to compare yourself to others at a gym. If all you can manage is 10 minutes on an elliptical, consider that a win since it’s ten minutes more than you were doing before. If you keep at an exercise program you will be amazed with the gains you make in endurance.

How do you get over your excuses?


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Excuses to Skip A Workout & How To Get Over Them

  1. In regards to your last comment, this quote applies: “If you are the most fit person in you’re gym, you’re at the wrong gym.”

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