Prepping For Vacation

I have some exciting news! Tom & I are heading on an all-inclusive vacation to Cancun! We leave Saturday. I am so excited. This last minute trip business is the way to go. Book and then 3 days later you’re on a plane to paradise.

However that does leave me scrambling to pack & prepare. I am usually a planner when it comes to vacations. I like to have my packing lists and check each item off as I go. Pants – check! Yes, I literally will write pants on my packing list – as if I might forget them if they aren’t listed.


But looks like this time I will be winging it a bit more especially considering the next couple days are jam packed for me. I did however get a chance to do a little bit of shopping today.

I picked up some sunscreen, a necessity when going to Mexico.


SPF 15 for Tom, because he insists on getting a “sweet tan” and won’t wear any higher protection, despite my ongoing arguments with him. And SPF 30 for me, because I don’t like skin cancer!

I also bought some aloe…


…which Tom will inevitably need after burning using his SPF 15.

I picked up some BB cream.


I don’t like wearing full foundation when I’m somewhere warm so a BB is perfect for providing lightweight coverage plus it has SPF 30! I have never tried this BB cream before, but I’ve heard good reviews from others so decided to give it a whirl.

And then since I was at the mall anyways, I took a little pit stop…


After the mall it was time to get some eyelash extensions! I love eyelash extensions. Although, I have only ever had them once before. I just can’t justify the cost of keeping them up so I have only done them for vacations because ou can get away with minimal makeup and you don’t have to worry about waterproof mascara.





Ahh…that’s better. Now its time to bust out my summer clothes & bikinis because baby, I’m going to the beach!


Have you ever booked a last minute vacation? Are you anal about packing lists like me?


7 thoughts on “Prepping For Vacation

    • Thanks! Yeah, waterproof mascara isn’t great. But for me it’s a necessary evil because I have stick straight lashes and it’s the only thing that will hold a curl. But Sephora’s makeup remover has been a god-send! It takes off the waterproof mascara without any problems.

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