The New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage Two

Hurray! Stage two of The New Rules of Lifting For Women is complete. If you’re new to my blog check out my two previous recaps:

The New Rules of LIfting for Women

The New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage One

Stage 2 is considerably shorter than Stage one, it only has 8 workouts! Although, it’s taken me a while to complete because I have went down to 2 workouts a week now that I am training for my next half-marathon.

The Workouts:

Workout A:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest (seconds)
Front squat/push press 2 10 75
Step-Up 2 10 75
Dumbell one-point row 2 10 75
Static lunge, rear foot elevated 2 10 75
Push-up 2 10 75
Plank 2 60 seconds 75
Cable Horizontal wood chop 2 10 75


Workout B: 

Exercise Sets Reps Rest (seconds)
Wide-grip deadlift from box 2 10 75
Bulgarian split squat 2 10 75
Underhand-grip lat pulldown 2 10 75
Reverselunge from box with forward reach 2 10 75
Dumbell prone Cuban snatch 2 10 75
Swiss Ball Crunch 2 10 75
Reverse Crunch 2 10 75
Lateral Flexion 2 10 75
Prone Cobra 2 60-90 seconds 75
Interval Training:

15 minutes hard/2 minutes recovery

As you can see, in this stage the workouts are longer and workout B incorporates some interval training as well. I would say on average I would be at the gym for 1:00-1:15 for these workouts, compared to stage one which took me about 45 minutes.

What I did differently:

  • Although only Workout B calls for 15 minute interval training, I did it for both workouts. In Stage 1 I had added on a 1 mile run for warmup which took me about 10 minutes, so I thought it just made sense to extend my warm up to 15 minutes for both. Plus the interval training is great for my running training.
  • I did sets of 15 for all pushup and ab exercises.
  • I didn’t do the deadlifts from a box. I felt I would be even more likely to round my back doing the deadlift from a box and I think I have a great fear of reinjuring my back so I hold back a little. Therefore, I just stayed with regular deadlifts.
  • I only did the cuban snatch once. Since I was working out at a different gym while my gym was being renovated, I didn’t have access to a incline exercise bench. Therefore, I just did different arm exercises.

What I liked about this stage: It’s short, so I never got tired of the routine. However, that also meant that I didn’t make very great gains in my weights, like I did in Stage one.

What I disliked about this stage: Lunges…Ugh! It felt like that was all I was ever doing. I also have a knee injury that has been ongoing for a number of years and I felt that this stage really exacerbated my knee pain.

I ended up having to modify the lunges by not going as deep and one day when my knee was really hurting I cut out one of the sets. But there’s a lesson there, if you have any injuries or pain, modification is okay. Although, I get really competitive with myself and want to do the lunges deep, I realized that it’s not worth hurting myself over.


*Did not include body weight exercises

Workout A:

Exercise Starting Weight Ending Weight
Front Squat Push Press 45 55
Step-Up 25 30
Dumbell One Point Row 12 25
Static lunge, rear foot elevated 20 25
Cable Horizontal Wood Chop 40 55

Workout B:

Exercise Starting Weight Ending Weight
Deadlifts 75 85
Bulgarian Split Squat 25 25
Underhand-grip lat pulldown 70 85
Reverse lunge form box with forward reach 20 30
Swiss Ball Crunch 25 25



I have failed and haven’t taken any measurements, so results are soley being based on pictures.

I wouldn’t say I see huge changes from the first to second stage but I definitely feel some improvements. Also keep in mind that Christmas and New Years occurred during this second stage, and like many others I indulged a little more than usual. So perhaps my results aren’t as amazing as they could have been.

I’ll be starting week 3 once I return from vacation next week!


3 thoughts on “The New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage Two

  1. Is the program a series of videos like ‘Jillian’ or is it in a book?
    I’ve heard of the program…but don’t know much about it

    • It’s a book. The workouts are all listed and explained in the book.
      And thanks, I am definitely loving the results I’ve seen in my back. Huge difference from when I started. Now I just want to see those results in the front…

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