FYI Friday – How To Survive An All-Inclusive…Without Weight Gain

All-Inclusives are amazing…you get to enjoy an amazing beach while eating as much food as you want, any time that you want and drinking copious amounts of margaritas. What more could you ask for? Well, you probably could ask to be able to enjoy that without a 5 lb weight gain when you get home.

So I’ll share with you my secrets to enjoying moderation at an all-inclusive. And when I return from Cancun, I’ll share with you if I actually succeeded at my own tips or not.

all inclusive

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast:

The way you start your day can set you up for the whole rest of your day. What I love about All-Inclusive breakfast’s is there is usually a huge buffet of amazing fresh fruit!! When you are coming from Canada in the winter, a fresh fruit outside of a banana, orange or apple tastes just as amazing as chocolate cake (okay not quite, but it’s really good). So fill up your plate with some fruit & yogurt for a great start to your day.

If the buffet has a fresh omelette station, take advantage of that and start your day with a high protein breakfast.

Skip over the pastry stations and go for whole wheat toast instead. And do your best to avoid the high fat meat choices such as bacon, sausage, ham. Or choose to have them only every second day. It’s all about compromise!

2. Start your meals with a salad:

Many of your meals will be at a buffet, this is where your eyes can become bigger than your stomach! Grab a plate and head for the salad bar first. Once you’re finished your salad, then head to the rest of the buffet. This way you will be less hungry when you are choosing from the rest of the buffet, which will help you with self control and portion sizes. And as a bonus, you are getting your vegetable intake in!


3. Choose dessert at lunch or dinner…not both:

This one is pretty self explanatory. Again, it’s all about compromises. Dessert two meals a day for 7 days a week is going to catch up with you. So try to cut down to once a day. At the buffets, the same desserts will likely be there every day. So don’t feel you need to try every single one on the first day. Pace yourself!

4. Limit intake of high-sugar frozen drinks

This is a tough one and probably the one I have the most difficulty with. Who doesn’t love sipping on a pina colada while laying on the beach? That’s why we go to an all-inclusive in the first place! You don’t need to deprive yourself of your sugary drinks but have a couple and then try switching to a lower calorie beverage. Try rum with soda water and a splash of pineapple juice. You still get that tropical taste but way fewer calories! Or my personal favourite…Mojitos!!

Also the less you drink the less likely this is to happen…


5. Try to get some exercise

Exercise? What??? I’m on vacation and want to relax. While it’s unlikely you are going to be exercising your usual amount during vacation, but planning for even a small amount of exercise every day is going to help you with keeping the weight off.

Most resorts have gym facilities on site. Just a quick 30 minute jog in the morning on the treadmill and then you can have the entire rest of your day to lounge & relax. Alternatively, go for a walk! You have miles of beautiful beach to walk. Walk down the beach and check out other resorts. Find the places you want to go to next or see the resort you’re so glad you didn’t book at. 😉

Take advantage of where you are and swim in the ocean. Exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym it can be fun! Just get up and move. Or join the water aerobics at the resort. Sure 100 people are watching you and you look like a doofus but it’s really a lot of fun! And just think those people watching you are drinking up calories while you’re burning them off!

What are your tips to avoid weight gain at an all-inclusive?


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