Bye Bye Canada…Hello Paradise!

This morning Tom and I are off to Cancun!! I am so excited. Things have been really crazy lately so I really could just use a break.

Yesterday was such a hectic day! I ended up going into work for half a day because I had a bunch of stuff left to complete before I took off for a week. Then I managed to get one last run in before vacation.


A 6 mile run in 1:02. That’s a great time for me! This run-walk business is working!

Then I had to pack very quickly because I was off to do some makeup. I did burlesque style makeup for a fundraiser for Make Fashion. It was crazy hectic. We had one hour to complete 6 girls makeup and I needed to head out on time because I had tickets to Keith Urban concert! I didn’t even get a picture of the makeup I did because I was out of there so quickly!

Keith Urban concert was amazing! This was my fourth time seeing him and I will see him every time he tours because he puts on a incredible show. Tom and I had floor seats! And got a chance to get right up close.


I loved when the paper canons went off. (If that’s what it’s called, I just made that up)


Then it was home to finish last minute packing. Now Tom and I are anxiously waiting at our gate. I see the plane so I just want to gooooooo!



I won’t have much Internet access over the next week so sorry but there won’t be any blog posts. I was hoping to have some posts ready to publish before I left but I failed at that!

See you all in a week!!


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