Weekly Wrap-up – Cancun!

Well, I’m back from a week from sun & sand in amazing Cancun. We had a lot of fun and I was definitely not ready to come back home. I have to say that the best part was truly just being unplugged from technology for a week. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my blog but sometimes technology just overpowers our life and we forget about human connections. So being away from the technology and just spending some quality time with Tom was just what I needed.

But now, back to reality and back to blogging. Lets give you a recap of my holiday, my week and of course the question you’re wondering…did I follow my 5 tips to not gain weight at an all-inclusive and did they work?

The resort we stayed at was called Barcelo Tucancun. It was a nice resort, I would say it was a solid 4 star resort. When we first arrived I felt a little disappointed as it did look like it could use a little upgrading at some parts and the buffet was pretty small and limited on selection. But over the week the place really grew on me. The food was actually pretty good, they did a good job of switching up the buffet every night in theme nights so the food didn’t get too tiring and there were 2 a la carte restaurants.  The pools were beautiful and the beach was immaculate. The hotel was incredibly clean and I can’t say enough about the staff. They were so friendly and so accommodating, every need you had was met.

P1030567 P1030569 P1030573

By the way, no we weren’t the only people at the resort but we had one rainy day which made for a perfect day to get pictures of the resort.

I forgot to get any pictures of our room but it was nice. Very clean, great bathroom and best of all we got an ocean view room even though we didn’t pay for it. Score!


View from our room

We went on one excursion while we were there, our second planned one got rained out. We went to see some Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.

<Insert beautiful photo here>

Unfortunately…trying to be very prepared for our excursion, I charged my camera battery the night before. And then when I went to take my first photo of the ruins, I realized my camera battery was still in the hotel room charging. Ughhhh…fail!

But the excursion was great. We had an amazing tour guide who has been leading tours at Chichen Itza for over 20 years so he knew his stuff and he was so passionate about Mayan culture. After spending a couple of hours at the ruins, we headed to a local town for some authentic Mexican food. The lunch was amazing! Then we headed off to a cenote, which was a dream come true for me because I have always wanted to go and swim in a cenote. Of course, this is where my waterproof camera would have come in real handy. Luckily, Tom did have his iPhone by this point and we were able to take some photos.



That’s me jumping in!

One night we went out in Cancun to check out Coco Bongo! We had heard such amazing things about this place before so we knew we had to go. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a nightclub combined with a night full of Las Vegas style shows and an open bar. So yeah…it was awesome!

P1030596 P1030603 P1030583

Now, how did I do with my 5 rules to not gain weight at an all-inclusive. To recap:

all inclusive

1. Start your day off with a healthy breakfast – The resort had amazing breakfasts. I had fresh fruit every morning and then would generally alternate between a pancake and an egg, an omelette or eggs and whole wheat toast.

2. Start your meals with a salad – I had a salad at every single lunch & supper.

3. Choose dessert at lunch or dinner NOT both – This one wasn’t a problem for me as the desserts weren’t very appetizing. I didn’t try anything off the dessert buffets. I had ice cream a couple of times during the week though.

4. Limit intake of high sugar frozen drinks – Overall, I didn’t drink very much on this trip and I get very sick of high sugar drinks quickly so I would switch to something else. But don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoyed my pina coladas. Sometimes even 3 at at time…


5. Try to get some exercise- Sadly, our resort didn’t have a fitness room. The first time I have ever been on an all inclusive vacation and would have used it and they didn’t have one. Figures, eh! But we did manage to go for one run along the beach. That was amazing. I have never ran barefoot down the beach. It is HARD! We also did a lot of walking. When we were having beach days we would walk down the beach and we walked 5 km from Cancun to our resort rather than taking the bus.

So did I gain any weight? Nope! However, I have to say in full disclosure I think my results are biased. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet was I got food poisoning during the trip. It. Was. Terrible! So this definitely led to me eating and drinking less. However, outside of that terrible time, I really did follow my rules and I think I wouldn’t have gained weight regardless of that.

What have you been up to this week? 


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up – Cancun!

  1. So glad hear!! I am going to Cancun on the 16th of April (yup in about 6 days) and I have worked so hard since August to cut weight and I’m terrified of gaining at the all-inclusive we are staying at! (especially since I have been there before). Your tips are worthy of me trying 🙂 thanks for the post.

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