My Favourite MAC Eyeshadows

I have already mentioned numerous times on my blog that MAC eyeshadows are my favourite. I try other brands but I always go back to my MAC shadows. First, I love their pigmentation, a little bit really goes a long way. Second, I love the colour selection. There are so many shades that you can almost always find what you are looking for. Third, I love that I can create my own palette. This may be one of the biggest reason I use MAC shadows. I love the convenience of having multiple shadows in one place vs multiple pots.

I started thinking about which shadows were my favourite but when I took a look at my palette I realized my answer was right in front of me! The shadows that I have hit the pan on are clearly the most used.


My Favourite MAC Eyeshadows:


I love this colour for darkening up the outer V of my eye. I also use it often for shading in my eyebrows.



This is another colour I use for darkening up my outer V. It’s a darker brown with cooler undertones. It has a satin finish compared to the matte finish of espresso.



 This is a great transitional colour. It helps with blending out harsh lines and creating that airbrushed look.



A gorgeous brown with gold sparkles. It gives a beautiful shimmer without being glittery. Great for creating gold or bronzed looks.


Satin Taupe: 

I know this doesn’t look as used but this is my number one most used eyeshadow. I think this is my third pan. This is just a gorgeous frosted taupe colour that looks so good on everyone.



The perfect colour for highlighting the brow bone or the inner corner of the eye.



I love this eyeshadow for days when I don’t feel like putting on much makeup. I just swipe this golden shade all over my lid, add some mascara and I’m ready to go.


Naked Lunch: 

This is a pretty iconic MAC shade. It’s a perfect pink shade. I love it for shading the inner corner of my eye and lower lid. It pairs great with both purples and browns.


All That Glitters:

A gorgeous pink shade with golden undertones. It can be used similarly as naked lunch.



This one is a pinky beige colour. It’s brighter and frostier than the other two pink shades so great for brightening up the eye.


Star Violet: 

I love, love, love this shade! It makes my green eyes just pop! It’s so beautiful especially paired with all that glitters.


Sumptous Olive:

I think this was one of the first MAC shadows that I bought. I love to use MAC’s paint pot in constructivist and pair this on top. And then I shade my outer v and crease with tempting. It makes a really beautiful and interesting eye look.


What are your favourite MAC Shadows?


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