New Years Resolution Check In Time

Well it’s mid-February already. Ahhh where did the time go? Anyone else feel like New Years eve was last weekend?


But it’s been 6 weeks since we made those New Years Resolutions. How have your resolutions been going? Have you fallen off the fitness bandwagon or are you proudly still going strong?

If you haven’t exactly been meeting your resolutions, don’t panic and most imporantly, DON’T GIVE UP!

give up

If you remember from my New Years Resolution Post, I believe an important part of setting goals is setting up a timeline to reevaluate your goals. So take a moment to reflect on the goals that you set up for yourself. If you haven’t been able to achieve them, think about why. What barriers have made meeting those goals a challenge. How can you adjust your goal to make it more realistic but still continue on a path towards achieving that goal?

If however, you are a rockstar and  thave already met your goals, think about what your next goals will be. Remember, making goals doesn’t have to be just a once a year thing!

My New Years Resolutions:

How have my new years resolutions been going? To remind you they were:

#1 Get over my resistance to running outside during winter by signing up for the March 22 Run for L’Arche Half-Marathon. Create a new workout training schedule for January -March that includes half marathon training and continues with my new rules of lifting for women program. Goal to complete the half marathon in 2:15.

#2 Increase water intake to a minimum of 1500 mL (2 Contingo water bottles) daily. Record intake using My Fitness Pal. Evaluate number of days target achieved at the end of each week.

#3 Make a habit of taking my vitamins daily. Fill a pill container at the beginning of every week and take my vitamins with breakfast.

My Results:

#1 I’m on track with my training schedule. Some weeks I haven’t run as many shorter runs as planned but I have been building up my mileage in my weekly long runs and am right on target with my pace. In terms of winter running, I started off doing so well with running outdoors during January. I was actually enjoying it. Then, this thing called winter hit and it hit hard. For the past 2 weeks, the weather has been unbearable. And while I want to run outside, there is no way I am crazy enough to run when it’s -30 and you can get frostbite within minutes. So for the past couple of weeks I have taken to the treadmill. But the good news is, it’s warming up. By tomorrow it is supposed to be 4 degrees Celcius!!! Practically, bathing suit weather.


Image Source

#2 – I have done so good with my water intake! I definitely meet and usually exceed my goal of 1500mL per day. With the exception of my trip to Cancun when I chose to consume pina coladas in place of water…


However, I have not been tracking my water intake on MyFitnessPal. I tried for a couple of days but I felt that I could just remember if I drank two bottles or not. I didn’t find tracking it gave me any motivation and I just simply forgot about it. So, therefore, I am removing that from my goal.

#3 – I did so, so good with this one for the first couple of weeks and then suddenly for whatever reason, I just stopped taking my vitamins. My pill container is stitting there right in front of me every morning and I don’t take the darn things! I don’t think there is really a different way I can adjust this goal, I hate taking pills but I just need to stop being silly and take them. I would definitely call this goal a work in progress but I’m not going to give up. Tomorrow, I will take my vitamins. Positive affirmations baby!

The one new goal I have made for myself is to be injury free this year! Unfortunately, fitness has plagued me with injuries in the past so this is a big goal for myself. It is going to require a commitment to strengthening exercises and listening to my physio! I am also starting a running techniques course that I believe will help. I will be making a post about all of this next week. So stay tuned!

How are your New Years Resolutions? Do you need to reevaluate your goals?


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