FYI Friday -Valentines Treats

Happy Valentines Day everybody!! Valentines is a time that we celebrate with candy and chocolate. Whether you’re in a relationship and get candy from your spouse or you’re single and buy discount chocolate to drown your sorrows, this time of year can once again plague our waistlines.

Chocolate is absolutely my biggest weakness. I actually had a lindor chocolate before breakfast this morning. That’s allowed on Valentines Day right?


The biggest thing to consider is moderation. Having a chocolate for breakfast is okay, having a whole box is not. Just because you were given a box of chocolate doesn’t mean the whole thing needs to be eaten in one sitting. Take time and savor your treats and you will find you enjoy them more!

Also don’t forget your exercise! Exercise can be a great way to burn off that chocolate and spend time with your spouse. Tom and I went for quite the “romantic” 9 mile run today!


Now we are off to a friends wedding to celebrate love. Have a wonderful Valentines Day!!


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