Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures…we all have them. I will be brave enough to admit mine. My biggest guilty pleasure is undoubtedly Cheez Whiz!
cheez whiz
Ohhhhh how I love that orange cheese-like spread. I love it on toast, I love it in celery, I love it on pickles, I love it for grilled cheese, I pretty much love it on everything. In fact I love it so much that I do not allow myself to buy it because I know I would go into Cheez Whiz overload and it isn’t exactly a health food.
But when I visit somewhere that has Cheez Whiz believe me I get my fair share! It’s probably my favorite part of visiting my sister. Just kidding 😉 (but seriously….)
The other day Tom came home from work and said he had a surprise for me…
He sure knows the way to my heart!!!
Another guilty pleasure of mine, also food related is Dairy Queen Blizzards! For a while I had a complete addiction to blizzards. (See dietitians don’t just eat healthy stuff all the time) You know how you can sign up for their fan club…okay maybe this isn’t common knowledge to non-blizzard addicted people. But they have a fan club and when you sign up you enter your birthdate and you get a free blizzard for your birthday.  Well let’s just say that I would be very old with the number of “birthdays” I’ve celebrated with a free blizzard.
And lastly, I love the show, Toddlers & Tiaras. Now don’t get me wrong, it often infuriates me but its one of those things that I just love to hate.
So what are your guilty pleasures?

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