Learning to Run Again

When we are babies and we first learn to walk, it isn’t too long before we learn that we can run. Once we’ve mastered stability and don’t fall over while running, we pretty much stop thinking about running assuming we have it mastered. However, as it turns out many of us do not have the skill mastered.

There are actually specific techniques to running properly. And if used correctly, these techniques will reduce running injuries and increase your running performance.

I am obviously no professional runner, but I have spent a couple of seasons training for runs. During my research into various training plans I have heard about running techniques but I have paid very little attention to it. I mean, I don’t run like this…


However, one thing during my different seasons of training that has always plagued me is injuries. I have developed patellofemoral pain syndrome, patellar tendonitis, IT Band Syndrome and tore my glute. I wouldn’t say any of these injuries have fully gone away either. As soon as I start increasing my mileage, one or more of my old injuries seem to creep back. I’ll admit, I am largely to blame for this as I am terrible for giving up on my physiotherapist’s strengthening programs. However, I also started to wonder about the root of these injuries. Why do I repeatedly get injured? And then I thought, maybe it is my running technique. At the very least, working on my technique couldn’t hurt!

So when I was offered the opportunity to test out the Kinetic Revolutions Online Running Technique Course, I jumped at the opportunity! The course, created by a Sports Rehab Therapist, is a 6 week online training program that consists of specific training drills, strengthening exercises and stretches designed to improve your running technique.

Rather than trying to explain it, I’ll let the website do the talking:

“The program provides session by session video and audio guidance, spelling out exactly what to do each session for maximum success. In addition we provide regular email support enabling us to provide you with further information in a timely manner, specific to your stage of progress.

Each week focuses on a different specific element of running form. Over the six weeks we build you into a better runner, one coaching point at a time.”

The course really is for people of all running abilities. I was a little concerned when I first got the information about the course as it seemed that I would have to significantly decrease my mileage which isn’t a possibility right now during my half-marathon training. However, after an email to James, the creator, I received a speedy response telling me exactly how I can still incorporate the training drills into my current training schedule.

What I am equally excited about is their additional download called, Stronger Hips, Pain Free Knees.

stronger hips

This is an additional download of hip strengthening exercises and stretching that will help with preventing and treating knee injuries. Basically, it’s everything my physiotherapist has been telling me to do. But I hope now that I’ve announced it on my blog, I will be more accountable to keeping up with the exercises.


After the 6 weeks, I will be giving a review on this course and letting you know what my thoughts are. Here goes nothing!

Have you ever worked on your running technique? Have running injuries brought you down?


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