Planning My 2014 Race Schedule

When I threw my name into the lottery for the 2014 New York City Marathon, I knew 2014 was going to be the year of running.

Last year, I ran two half marathons with my sister and had the best time! Check out my recap on that here. This year, I really want to focus on my speed. I am not a fast runner, in fact I probably shouldn’t even call myself a runner, I’m more of a jogger. My goal time for a half-marathon is 2:15.


I signed up for my first half marathon this year to get myself to commit to my New Years Resolution of outdoor winter running. So far, so good. I have had to take some runs inside because it’s been too ridiculously cold, but overall I’m on track and ready for my race on March 22!

Lately, I have been thinking about my race calendar for the rest of the year. I am a person that does better with goals, so if I have any hope of potentially running a full marathon this year, I don’t want to lose momentum when my March half marathon is over. Therefore, it was time to start looking for some other runs.

Well, I found some! So far, I have signed up for Mountain Equipment Co-op Race TWO. I will be completing the 10 km run on April 12. Mountain Equipment Co-op races are amazing because they are only $15 and are chip timed! I love that because signing up for races can get expensive. It doesn’t come with a t-shirt or a medal for finishing but who cares, it’s only $15! Tom is running this one with me. Well, probably not with me considering he’s way faster than me, but we’ll both be running.


Next, I signed up for the Jugo Juice 10 km run, which is part of the Calgary Marathon on June 1. Tom and I get back from Europe on May 28. I knew signing up for the half-marathon would probably be pushing it after being away on vacation for three and a half weeks but at least knowing that I have a 10 km run to complete when I get home will inspire me to keep active while on vacation.

calgary marathon

September 7, I signed up for the Canmore half marathon. I was looking into this run the other day and thought I wanted to sign up. Unfortunately, Tom is out-of-town that weekend, so I texted a friend to see if she was interested. She ran her first half marathon last year. She was psyched and even got her boyfriend and two sisters to sign up as well.


And lastly, I signed up for the Melissa’s Road Race Half Marathon in Banff on September 27th. This is a great race that always sells out incredibly fast. I was signed up for it last year but didn’t get to run due to injury. So this is my second chance year. And Tom is running this with me as well!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I sign up for some other races. But I didn’t want to fill up my summer schedule yet before I see what plans come about. As for a full marathon, well the lottery winners are announced at the end of next month. I’m not exactly holding my breath as I know it’s a real long shot. I haven’t decided yet what I will do if I don’t get into the New York Marathon. I have a feeling a marathon will be a one time thing for me so I want it to be special and likely a destination race. I will have to wait and decide my plan for that. For now, here’s hoping for a miracle!

Are you doing any races this year? What do you do to keep motivated?


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