Recent Beauty Haul

On Thursday, I am headed out on vacation again! What? Didn’t I just come back from Cancun? Well, yes I did. 🙂


This time Tom and I are headed with two other couples to Las Vegas! And then after the weekend, Tom and I are continuing on to Phoenix to spend a couple of days visiting my Dad who is a snowbird and lives there for a few months in the winter.


Last time we visited Phoenix…3 years ago


What does this have to do with my beauty haul? Well, I definitely plan on a big beauty haul when I go to the US because the prices are cheaper! I am not a gambler so I told Tom that I get equal amount to spend on makeup that he uses on gambling…fair right? Lately I’ve been holding off on my makeup purchases until I go there but when I was at the mall this week picking up a few things I just suddenly found myself in Sephora and then I walked by MAC and well…here’s the haul.

From Sephora I only bought one thing! I got the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. When I saw that these blushes came out I knew I wanted one and then after seeing Tiffany D’s rave on them, I was definitely sold. I already love the Hourglass ambient lighting powder. I only currently have one colour, luminous light, but I love it. If I had more money, I’m sure I would own more of them but they are quite pricey.

There are six blushes in the collection, when it came time to pick out a shade I literally stood in front of those blushes for a solid 20 minutes swatching and re-swatching. I had the hardest time deciding which colour to choose because I love them all! The one I ultimately decided on was luminous flush. It’s a gorgeous pinky-coral colour. It is marbled with the luminous light powder so my powder & blush go together flawlessly.



When you swatch these blushes they look like they might go on pretty sheer but they have some serious pigment. When I put it on this morning, I went a little overboard and had to buff it out pretty vigorously before I could leave the house. I think I’ll definitely be adding a second shade to my US shopping list…

When I got to the till at Sephora I also received my free birthday gift! I totally forgot about this so it was a nice little bonus. The birthday gift this year is by Makeup Forever, you receive a mini lipstick in the shade Rouge Artist Natural, a mini aqua eyes eyeliner in black and a mini smoky extravagant mascara.


I’ve tried the eyeliner and the mascara so far. The eyeliner is great. It really stays on for a long time without smudging. The mascara, I wouldn’t say I’m the hugest fan of. I find you really have to work to build it up and like so many non-waterproof mascaras, it doesn’t hold a curl in my lash. So for me, I won’t be purchasing a full size.

I haven’t tried out the lipstick really yet so I can’t talk about the staying power yet. The shade they gave is a brownish red shade. It’s a good neutral colour that will look good on a variety of people. I can’t say it’s a shade I would normally pick out for myself but I’m interested to give it a try.


When I went to MAC I was looking for a cream blush that I could apply underneath the new hourglass blush that I just bought. I often like to layer a cream blush and powder blush for extra staying power. I ended up buying Something Special, a light coral blush.

mac something special

However, after I got home I took another look at it and realized I already own a cream Bobbi Brown brush that is a great dupe for this blush. It didn’t seem worth it to me to have both. So thanks to MACs great return policy I returned it the next day and got a pink blush, So Sweet, So Easy instead.


I also bought a new pro long wear eyeshadow. I did my friend’s makeup trail for her upcoming wedding the other day and felt I didn’t quite have the right shade in my current collection for what she wanted. I was looking for a light almost white colour with a touch of gold undertones. Well I found that colour, it’s called Carefree.


Then I bought two new lipsticks, well I actually only bought one because I got one for free for returning 6 empty containers. I was looking for a great pink – not super vibrant but not nude colour either. I ended up choosing Speed Dial. I also fell in love with Snapdragon, which is part of the Fantasy of Flowers collection. I knew it’s limited edition so I decided to grab it at the same time.


Snap Dragon (Left) Speed Dial (Right)

Sorry I don’t have a swatch of the lipsticks individually because I just realized they are in my purse….which I forgot at work. Ugh. But I do have a picture of myself wearing the two of them mixed together yesterday.


That’s it for now….I will definitely post my next beauty haul when I return from the states!

Have you tried out the new Ambient Lighting Blushes? Any recent beauty purchases that you are psyched about?


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