FYI Friday – Nutrition Month!

Did you know that March is Nutrition Month?


DIETITIANS OF CANADA - March is Nutrition Month



Every March, Dietitians of Canada puts on Nutrition Month to promote healthy eating and lifestyle. This year the theme is Simply Cook and Enjoy. The aim is to get Canadians cooking, eating healthier and enjoying food.

I love this campaign! Obviously, healthy eating is close to my heart and I am excited to share that cooking healthy meals for yourself and your family can be simple and quick! And of course enjoyment of food cannot be understated. I love food, I am a person who lives to eat, not eats to live. So enjoying my food is of utmost importance. I live this philosophy by both cooking enjoyable foods and enjoying the company when I eat. I have a very firm philosophy at my house that Tom and I eat at the dinner table, not in front of the TV. Pretty well the only time this rule is broken is when we order pizza on a rare occasion, pizza just seems like a TV meal to us.

During the month of March, I will be sharing healthy eating tips and recipe inspirations. So make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter for your daily tip.  

Also, Dietitians of Canada has two great apps this year for Nutrition month, Cookspiration is an App with healthy, Dietitian approved, recipes that include nutritional information. They also have eaTipster which will also send you a healthy tip of the day.

Happy Nutrition Month!

How do you plan to celebrate Nutrition Month?


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