Vegas Beauty Haul!

When heading to Vegas last week I had one goal…makeup shopping.


Makeup, like so many things, is cheaper in the U.S compared to Canada. Some brands have quite a discrepancy on prices, up to $12 whereas some others is very limited, $1-2 dollars difference. So I made sure I did my research ahead of time to figure out which items I wanted to purchase while in the US.

I ended up making 3 makeup stops – MAC, Sephora and Ulta. I went to Ulta in Phoenix. We don’t have Ulta’s in Canada but I hear about that store from all the beauty gurus. So when we drove by one on my birthday, I basically stop, dropped and rolled out of my Dad’s truck to get there.


So now what did I get? Just a couple of things…


I got some real basic items that I needed but were cheaper in the US such as MAC studio finish concealer and MAC full coverage foundation. I love the MAC studio finish concealer for blemish coverups. It has an amazing formula that will cover ANYTHING! And one of those pots will last a very long time. Last time I was in Vegas I bought the MAC full coverage foundation. It’s a pro product so it can only be bought at a pro store or online. I like  a full coverage foundation because I have lots of skin issues. But the great thing about a cream foundation like this one is that you can sheer it out to whatever coverage that you like.


I also picked up Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion & All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. These are both amazing products that I have owned before but needed more of. The primer potion is an eyeshadow base that will help your eyeshadow stay and not crease all day. I used to use MAC’s paint pot in the colour Painterly as my eyeshadow base but I now prefer the primer potion because it doesn’t have any colour in it so the eyeshadows apply true to their colour. The all nighter setting spray is amazing for setting your makeup. My makeup really does last longer when I use this product. And I always, always use this when I am doing makeup for weddings.


I picked up a new Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the colour medium ash for filling in my eyebrows. I used to use MAC’s eyebrow pencil and loved it. But once I tried Anastasia’s Brow Wiz, I’ll never go back. This product is amazing for filling in eyebrows. It has a really smooth consistency that glides on easily and a fine tip that allows you to get a perfect edge. I also love that it comes with a spoolie brush for brushing out the product.

I also picked up a new liquid eyeliner pen. I have been a pretty faithful user of gel eyeliner but liquid liner is better for getting a winged liner so I decided to try out a new product. I have heard good things about the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner so I picked that up in Jet Black.


I got two new blushes. I got a new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. I was pretty set on buying Radiant Magenta but when I got to Sephora and re-swatched the blushes, I fell in love with Mood Exposure which is a soft plum colour. I don’t have any blush like that so I felt it was a better buy. When I was at Ulta I picked up a NYX blush. I have heard really good things about NYX’s blushes. I chose the colour Peach, although to me, it’s not peach coloured at all but a bright pink.


Hourglass Luminous Flush (Left), NYX Peach (Right)

Hourglass Luminous Flush (Left), NYX Peach (Right)

If you read my blog, you know that I love Illamasqua blushes and was super excited to go to Vegas so that I could buy some new blushes. However, they no longer carry the brand at that Sephora, it’s only carried at very limited locations. 😦 You can buy them online but I was really hoping to swatch them in store because buying online is always difficult to tell true colours. When I told the guy who worked at Sephora my dilemma, he told me I should just buy all the colours because they are all fabulous. I agreed, however I doubt Tom would…

For eyeshadows, I finally bit the bullet and bought an Urban Decay Naked palette. I went for the newest palette, 3, which is the rose gold tone shadows. I didn’t swatch the shadows because there are about a million swatches on the internet and reviews of the palette. From MAC I bought two new purple eyeshadows. It was pretty random, neither of these were on my “to buy” list, however I just fell in love with them in the store. I bought Stars n Rockets which is a pretty iridescent purple and Vibrant Grape, which is exactly what you would expect, a vibrant purple colour.


Vibrant Grape (Left) Stars N Rockets (Right)

Vibrant Grape (Left) Stars N Rockets (Right)

For lips, I got three new products. I bought two lipsticks – MAC Creemsheen lipstick in Fanfare & Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Bikini Pink. I bought one gloss, NYX Pink Frost. So far, I have only tried out the Bobbi Brown Bikini Pink, which I love, love, love! It’s such a beautiful light pink colour that I think would flatter so many people.



NYX Pink Frost (Left), Bobbi Brown Bikini Pink (Middle), Mac Fanfare (Right)

Lastly, I bought one Ulta brush, a small shader. It was on sale at Ulta for $5 and I’ve wanted a new shader brush. I am really impressed with the brush especially considering the price. I also got a NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean. It’s great for creating a smokey eye.

So I think it’s safe to say I won’t be makeup shopping for a little while now. But I’m really happy with everything that I bought so far and can’t wait to try the products that I haven’t tried out yet!








5 thoughts on “Vegas Beauty Haul!

  1. I think it’s all expensive. I would love to see a post on “Beauty on a Budget” where someone does their makeup for like $10. Is that even possible?

    • Definitely, there was a tag going around of youtube for a while where bloggers had to do a full makeup look for under $20 (tools included) so you can combine the cheapest products they use. I would definitely recommend NYC, Catrice and e.l.f to achieve a budget look. I could definitely do up a “Beauty on a Budget” post for you if you request it on my blog

      Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Great post! This is the first I have heard about Ulta brushes so now I’m keen to try them out. I’m loving the look of Mood Exposure too, it’s so tempting to splurge on makeup here when it’s so much cheaper than Ireland.

    (Nyx Pinched is my favourite blush of theirs, it’s a decent dupe for Nars Orgasm)

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