The Run That Wasn’t

When I found out that the temperature today was supposed to be 12 degrees, I decided to ditch my plans to go to the gym for weight lifting and go for a 5 mile run outside instead. I mean,12 degrees, that’s practically summer! All day at work I was excited. I was constantly looking at the clock waiting for 3:15 to come so I could head outside. I felt like a kid at school waiting for the recess bell so they can go play



Sadly, when I got outside, things did not go my way.

First of all, I completely overdressed! I guess because I’m not used to this weather anymore I forgot how to dress! I ended up wearing running capris, which is fine. But then I wore a merino wool under layer and topped it with my Heidi Klum Moto Pullover. About 2 minutes into my run, I was hot, real hot! Well obviously! I wore the same gear when it was -5 degrees and was comfortable. Now that it’s 17 degrees warmer, I decide to wear the same thing! I’m not too sure where my head was at. Unfortunately, I had my Garmin and my iPhone armband on top of my layers so taking off my top layer seemed like too much work.

Secondly, I failed to consider just how bad the puddles would be from this beautiful weather melting our mountains of snow.


When I came across this humongous puddle, I decided to run up that slanted part of the underpass. Well, that led me to slipping and falling, luckily not into the puddle. But I trudged on anyways, I mean I wasn’t about to waste a beautiful day!

Then I came across another puddle…


No problem, I figured I would just run along the snow bank on the side of the puddle. That was great, until my feet fell through the snow into the freezing cold water. My feet were completely drenched. At this point, 1 mile into my run, I decided to call it quits. You win universe!


So my 5 mile run turned into a very frustrating 2 mile run. Now I’m thinking tomorrow will have to be an indoor treadmill run. Womp, womp, womp…

I am definitely hoping for better conditions for my half marathon which is now in 10 days!

Are you enjoying the weather today? Have you ever given up on a run due to poor conditions?


9 thoughts on “The Run That Wasn’t

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience!! Did not sound fun! I’ve had some terrible runs myself but I’ve been halfway out so I had to turn around and keep going to finish back where I started.

  2. Wow, those are some puddles! I always hate when you’re excited for a run, and then it just happens to be one of the worst runs in your life haha. Great job trying tho! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My runs with barley lately have been looking like that. I’ve come to except the fact that my feet will get soaked no matter what footwear i use.

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