How to Rock Green Makeup for St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick’s Day is on Monday! Do you have any plans? Right now, I honestly have none but we will see if anything comes up over the next couple of days. One of my favourite part of holidays is thinking of makeup to match the holiday! Since you are supposed to wear some green on St. Patrick’s day why not wear green makeup? A lot of people are afraid of green eyeshadows but if you know how to wear green the right way, you won’t end up looking like a clown. I promise!

The biggest trick with green eyeshadow is not overdoing it. It is a bolder colour on the lid, so you don’t want to go with all green all over your lid & crease and use a green eyeliner. Moderation and subtlety is key.

Tip #1: Pair your Green Eyeshadow with neutral shades to tone it down

Pairing green with neutral shades such as brown, gray and black can really downplay the colour of the green and make it more wearable. Gold also pairs beautifully with green.

Tip #2: Placement

You can strategically place green on parts of your eye for a pop without having an all over green eyeshadow. For example, put green eyeshadow only on the outer corner of your eyelid (see tutorial below). Use a green eyeliner either on upper or lower lashline with a neutral eye. Or go for a fun look by using green mascara. You can either apply it all over your lashes, or just apply it to the tips or outer lashes for a little green flair.

I have a real simple st. patrick’s look that has just a hint of green to make you feel festive. This look is even appropriate for the office, which is great if you are like me and will likely only be going to work and then maybe just having some mint chocolate chip ice cream at home to celebrate.

gree makeup2

green makeup


  1. Shade entire lid using a light shimmery gold, I used MAC Carefree
  2. Pat green eyeshadow on outer half of eyelid, do not go into crease, keep it on the lower eyelid. I used MAC humid (a gorgeous emerald green colour!)
  3. Shade crease with a matte brown shade about 1-2 colours darker than your skin tone. I used MAC wedge
  4. Shade outer v of eye with a dark brown matte shade. I used MAC Brun
  5. Add black pencil liner & mascara

If you wanted to amp up this look for the evening, you can add more eyeshadow to darken and intensify the eye, smudge some of the dark brown shadow alone your lower lashline and add a winged liner. Daytime to nighttime look in a few strokes!

What are you doing for St. Patricks Day? Will you be wearing green makeup or nail polish to celebrate?


3 thoughts on “How to Rock Green Makeup for St. Patricks Day

  1. Cute!! I’m not a big make up person – usually just foundation, some bronze, and eye liner. But may have to try that this weekend 🙂

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