Why Are We Celebrating Again?

Happy St. Patricks Day! Today we celebrate being irish, green coloured things, drinking on a Monday? Truthfully, like most people celebrating today, I have no idea what we’re celebrating. But I do know that green is important! Green clothes, green beer and don’t forget about green food!

While typically Monday on my blog is Makeup Moday, I already posted my St. Patricks Day Makeup Tutorial last week so that you would be all ready to rock it today. Ironically, I’m not wearing any green makeup today. I am however rocking an obnoxiously green shirt so I figured green eyeshadow might be a little bit of overkill…

In terms of green food, you are supposed to eat at least one dark green vegetable every day. So today is the perfect day to make sure you are getting in your greens! If you’ve been reading this blog for half a second, you would know my favourite dark green vegetable is kale. Not because it’s trendy but because I truly love the taste of it. Check out some of my favourite kale recipes:

Kale Smoothies

Kale Salads

I realize not everyone enjoys kale as much as I do. Jim Gaffigan definitely does not share my opinion on the deliciousness of kale. Have you ever seen his diet trend rant on Conan O’Brien?  It’s hilarious!


Hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day, no matter what you decide to do and what the reason you are celebrating!


And before I sign off, since it is makeup Monday I thought I would share some pictures of makeup I did for a recent photoshoot just because who doesn’t like seeing pictures of makeup?





All photos by Sofia Katherine Photography


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