My 2nd Anniversary

Today is mine & Tom’s second wedding anniversary!! I realized I have mentioned Tom on my blog before but never gave much of a formal introduction and have not shown my wedding pictures. So today is that day!

Meet Tom:


Tom is an engineer, a bit of a nerd a huge nerd, a complete perfectionist, a goof at the best of times and the sweetest most caring person I have ever known.

How We Met:

Tom and I met in high school in Grade 10. We were introduced at a party by a mutual friend, who I worked with and was Tom’s best friend. Tom tried talking to me, but I had very little interest in talking to him as I had my eye on someone else at the party. Over the summer our groups of friends hung out a lot and we became friends. In grade 11, Tom asked me out on a first date, we went to a movie. Afterwards, we drove around in his Mom’s car and then he parked at a school parking lot. There he asked me if I would “go out” with him. I said yes and we shared our first kiss. Afterwards, I said to Tom, “I have a feeling we’ll be together for a long time”. And the rest is history…



Our High School Prom Photo



Tom’s proposal came as a complete surprise to me! It was no surprise that Tom and I were going to get married, we talked about it all the time. However, I was starting my year of internship and we had discussed getting engaged after that year but Tom had other plans and proposed to me the week before I started my dietetic internship. He proposed on a hike in my favourite place in the world, Fairmont Hot Springs. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


Tom and I had a destination wedding. We got married on March 26, 2012 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Our wedding was everything I wanted it to be and more. And what you’ve been waiting for…wedding pics!

 The boys getting ready:

boys wedding

 The girls:

girls wedding

The ceremony location (IE Paradise):


Walking Down the Aisle:



Tom’s reaction to seeing me for the first time:


 There were a lot of tears shed, it was a very emotional wedding:

crying wedding 

Then the moment I had been waiting to hear, husband and wife:


Celebratory champagne toast:


 A few of the pictures, I literally could share hundreds so pairing them down was sooo hard!








wedding night

Married life has been amazing. I am happier every single day and couldn’t imagine spending one second without Tom. Happy Anniversary to the man who makes me happier than I thought possible!


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