A Day Of Mixed Emotions

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is my Friday, because I don’t work on Friday and I couldn’t be more excited.

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions for sure…

It was mine & Tom’s second anniversary. If you missed my post yesterday, check it out for pretty wedding pictures! Because, what girl (or guy) doesn’t love wedding pictures! And while that’s exciting, sadly, Tom and I weren’t together for our anniversary because he was working. However, he still managed to surprise me! He called me and sent me on a chase for my gift. He already had a card ready to go that was hidden in his bedside table. After opening that he told me to open the package that had arrived in the mail earlier this week. I had signed for the package but just assumed it as something he ordered online like vitamins so I didn’t bother with it. I opened the package and immediately started doing this…


Because what I found was TWO blue boxes


And what was inside…


An olive branch necklace which Tom said he picked out because of my love of nutrition and because of our upcoming trip to Italy/Greece and a gorgeous pair of hoop earrings. Okay go ahead and be jealous now…because I have the best husband ever! 

The emotional rollercoaster didn’t end there. Yesterday, was also the lottery drawing for the New York City Marathon. Both Tom & I put our names in hoping for the chance to run this legendary race. For those who don’t know about the New York City Marathon, I’ll explain. There are multiple ways to enter. First, you can be a time-qualifier, there is a complicated process around picking these entries but essentially I would need to run a half marathon in 1:30 in order to qualify. Considering my PR is 2:13, that wasn’t going to happen! Therefore, I went for plan B which is enter the lottery. The lottery applicants are split based on NY residents, US residents and international residents. There were 77,087 names in that lottery and 9170 were picked.

The lottery drawing was done all day long which made for a torturous day of continous checking of my email, my New York Road Runner account and my credit card statement to see if I had been selected. I saw someone on Twitter compare waiting for the results to the reaping in the Hunger Games. It certainly felt like it.


Then finally, in the evening I was put out of my misery. I received this email…

Dear Rawson Jen,

We want to thank you for applying to run the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon. We’re very sorry, but you were not selected through our entry drawing.

I knew it was a long shot to get into the race but it still felt like a blow. I really had high hopes that this would be my first marathon. I texted Tom and asked if he too received his rejection letter. I received no response. It wasn’t until after he called me and we did the whole anniversary excitement that he told me, very quietly, that he had gotten in.

My reaction was basically this…



But it wasn’t that effective considering I was on an iPhone and didn’t have a cord. No I’m just kidding, I am thrilled for Tom. This is such an amazing opporutnity and I have to look on the bright side…I’m going to New York!!! Although, I have to say that I totally predicted this…and I have proof check out my post when I entered the lottery!

And if all of this wasn’t enough, I had one more tragic thing happen to me. I was at the mall yesterday and was about to walk out but on a whim I decided to stop by this kiosk that did eyebrow threading. I haven’t had my eyebrows done in a long time and they really needed it. This was a horrible life decision. She took my already too thin eyebrows and made me practically bald! I had a request on Facebook from a reader to do a post on filling in my eyebrows. Well, now that I have to work hard to make it appear that I have eyebrows, you betchya that post is coming!

Was your day as exciting as mine? Were you a NYC marathon hopeful? 


4 thoughts on “A Day Of Mixed Emotions

  1. I’m WAY too scared to try the eyebrow threading! Now it sounds like my fear is completely realistic! And how sweet of him to surprise you like that for the Anniversary!

  2. The ONLY place in the city I trust with my eyebrows is down on 130th Ave and that’s just so dang far for this gal who lives downtown, so they’re nearly always in a state of caterpillar. :/
    It’s a major bummer you didn’t get in. I wish it were like the Nike Women’s events where you can register as a group so everyone or no one gets in.

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