Tom & Jen’s Excellent European Adventure

I’m not too sure if I have mentioned this on my blog yet but Tom and I are going on another vacation next month. We are headed to Europe for three and a half weeks! This trip has been booked for just about a year so now that it’s getting close, I am so excited!

Although I am also becoming super stressed about packing. We are going the backpacking route and I don’t exactly travel light. To go to Vegas/Phoenix for 6 days I took the largest size suitcase and just barely made the 50lb weight limit. So packing for 3.5 weeks in a backpack is going to be tricky. I definitely know my makeup will have to be widdled down to the essentials 1 makeup bag 2 makeup bags.

Jenna Marbles gifs on women packing pretty much describes me perfectly…





two suitcases

I recently came across a great post by Julie on Peanut Butter Fingers on packing for Europe. She has some great tips on changing up accessories and cardigans to make outfits work multiple different ways. I definitely am using this as my bible for packing!

So where exactly are we going in Europe? Originally, Tom and I wanted to go to Italy and Greece but when a cheap flight to Lisbon Portugual came about, we jumped on that. So now we are starting in Portugal and making our way to Greece.

We are doing a lot of travelling in our time there, basically moving places every 2 days. While three and half weeks seems like a long time but there are so many places we wanted to see!

I’ll give you my full itinerary, partially for your interest sake but mostly so my Mom has a reference! 😉

Day 1-3: Lisbon, Portugal

Day 3-5: Madrid, Spain

Day 5-7: Venice, Italy

Day 7-9: Florence, Italy

Day 9-11: Cinque Terre, Italy

Day 11-13: Rome, Italy

Day 13-14: Athens, Greece

Day 14-18: We are taking a tour of mainland greece with a company with the highlights including Olympia, Delphi, Meteora

Day 18-20: Mykonos, Greece

Day 20-22: Santorini, Greece

Day 23: Athens

Day 24: Home

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.59.28 PM

It’s going to be a whirlwind adventure for sure.

I will try to pop in and do a few updates on the trip while we are away but I won’t be posting regularly during that time. I am trying to get some guest bloggers lined up though so you will get a chance to learn from some other really great bloggers.

Have you ever been to any of these places in Europe – any tips on must see/do? Do you have trouble packing light?

P.S. If any bloggers are interested in guest posting for me just send me a message through my contact me page!


14 thoughts on “Tom & Jen’s Excellent European Adventure

    • That should not hold you back at all! First of all Europeans are amazingly multi lingual. English is well spoken by many. Secondly in this day and age you can converse through the use of a translator app on your smart phone if you need to.

  1. Wow! Enjoy your trip! I’m quite the opposite – I went to California to run Ragnar last April and packed all of my casual clothes and running gear for 3 running legs all in carry-on luggage. Make up wise I think I just brought mascara, though I really could have used some chapstick with a built in sunscreen as my lips were blistered from running in the sun. Have a fantastic trip!

  2. Sounds like a great trip! We’ve been to a bunch of those places just recently. Really enjoyed the monasteries of Meteora. And Santorini was a really cool island – rent a quad for the day to tour it. We stayed in Perissa, which was a little away from the more touristy spots, but we liked it and it had a pretty good beach….. If you’ve got time for a cooking class, the pizza & gelato one they have in Florence is quite good…… Obviously being a guy, my packing concerns are a bit different, but for most trips my wife and I are able to get away with smaller packs that can fit into carry-on. It’s definitely a plus to be a little more mobile, especially since it sounds like you’ll be on the go quite a bit. The key is making sure that everything you take has more than one function. Most hotels/hostels provide laundry service, so you’re often able to get away with taking fewer clothes than you think you need.

  3. Are you guys going on InterRail? You know, traveling by train from place to place? My sister did it ages ago (she’s 20 years older than me) and I’ve always wanted to but there has never been time/money for such a trip. It seems to also be cheaper for people under the age of… I think 25? So I’m also older and more expensive now. Hah. Anyway, sounds like a cool trip! Looking forward to seeing pictures!

    Oddly enough, I’ve never been to Italy or Greece or even mainland Spain (visited islands though), but I’ve been to Portugal – however it was so long ago that I doubt anything I could say would be useful 😀

    • We are using interrail for travel in Italy. We are also doing a lot of flying as it’s cheaper and takes less time than trains.
      The cost really isn’t based on age, you can get cheaper deals if you are a student but that’s about it. We are still staying at youth hostels (though we are over 25), most now have age limits of 40.
      I’ve been to both Italy and Greece before but I’m super excited to go back. The only repeat places we are going that I have already been is Rome & Athens.

  4. Wow! Your itinerary looks amazing! You’ll have a great time! I haven’t visited any of those places…maybe one day *sigh*! (love Jenna Marbles! ha ha)

  5. So jealous of your trip! We did Wales, England, France, Italy and Spain last summer and it was amazing. We went to Cinque Terre as well and you have to do the hike between the 4th and 5th town (the rest were closed last summer due to the flood). Just make sure to wear proper shoes (not sandals) and bring water if you are doing it during the day. The views from it are so worth it!

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