Mountain Equipment Co-Op 10km Race Recap

This Saturday I ran my first 10 km. Now obviously since I have ran half marathons before, I have ran 10km but I have never raced that distance. Unlike normal people, I didn’t start racing with a 5km, build up to a 10 km and then to a half marathon. The very first race I ever signed up for was a half marathon.

go big


This 10km race was part of the Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) Race series. MEC races are great because they take place across the city in different parks, they are chip timed and only cost $15. Now that’s my kind of deal.

Of course, Saturday was the coldest day of the week here. While it has been a beautiful 12-14 Celsius, suddenly the temperature dived down to -5 for race day. When we got up that morning, Tom tried to convince me that we shouldn’t go run because it was too cold. I was having none of that! After all, my Run for L’Arche was twice as cold and twice as long!

suck it up

So we headed downtown to the start line. I was pretty nervous. I had no idea how to race a 10km. I didn’t want to push too hard at the beginning and struggle towards the end. I decided my plan would be to try to start out slow and aim for negative splits. I used my same 4 minute run-40 second walk strategy.

Tom ran with me for about the first 500m and then he took off to run his own race. I felt really good during this race, I wasn’t having any pain in my legs and my pace was going well despite the wind in our faces. It was at the 4km mark that I saw the first person coming back towards the finish. I’m always amazed by how fast those people are. But I also find it encouraging knowing that somewhere up ahead is the turn around point. After that point I was on the lookout for Tom, I wanted to know just how far ahead of me he was. I was looking and looking and then I hit the 5km marker and yet still no Tom and no turn around point! (I didn’t realize the course wasn’t an exact there and back so we ran a little past 5km before we turned back). But it was just after the 5km mark that I saw Tom. We gave each other a high five as we passed. At this point I knew, he wasn’t all that much in front of me! And that just kicked up my drive to go faster.

Kilometers 6-8 I really kicked up the pace. But then at kilometre 8, we got hit again by a wind head on. My pace slowed a little bit at this point but I also skipped a walking break so that I could maintain my average. Suddenly, I was at kilometre 9 and realized I only had one left. Right near the finish line Tom was waiting for me so he could grab some action shots of me.



As I neared the finish line I saw the clock was at 59:17, I pushed as hard as I could and crossed at 59:27.




Overall, my goal going into the race was under 1 hour. While I was wearing my watch during the race, I never looked at what my time was, I only looked at my intervals. After I crossed I felt a little disappointed, in my mind I thought I was going faster than that. But still, I came in under that hour mark and that was an accomplishment for me.


Afterwards, Tom and I headed to Cora’s. I decided to celebrate with a strawberry waffle!



When we got home we checked out our official time and I saw this…



Umm, while I wish I had run that fast I knew there was a mistake. Boy did I feel sorry for the person who ended up with my time! I was kind of bummed because this was my first 10km and I wanted an official time. But I checked again on Sunday and they had fixed the error. Probably the person who ran in 36 minutes complained. So my official time ended up being 59:19. Tom’s official time was 49:20.

At least now I have a time to beat. My next 10km is on June 1, the Jugo Juice 10km which is part of the Calgary Marathon. I hope to beat my time although I will have only been back from Europe for 3 days so I won’t be in tip top shape either.

What’s your favourite post-race food?Β 







17 thoughts on “Mountain Equipment Co-Op 10km Race Recap

  1. Wait. $15 for a race?! I must sign up for more MEC races πŸ™‚
    Great job on your race – Saturday seemed really cold to me – I probably would have stayed in bed. Haha.
    I LOVE Cora’s. Mmmmm πŸ™‚

    • yes, they are all only 15. In the fall they even have a marathon for that price, unheard of! I mean you don’t get a t-shirt or medal but who cares.
      And it was cold, I think with wind chill it was -13!

  2. Congratulations on your race! I love how your husband tried to convince you not to go running since it was -5!! Haha, that is NOTHING for Calgary and makes me wish we had weather like that for most of the winter (instead of -20, etc)

  3. Congrats on a sub 1hr 10k! That’s awesome! I love MEC races – they aren’t crowded and the price is perfect! My next race is the MEC Burlington Half Marathon. I love your post race meal! I normally had a hard time eating after a race, my tummy gets all messed up and I have no appetite after.

    • I felt like that after my last half marathon. Immediately after this race I didn’t want to eat. I had no interest in the bananas they had. But after walking to the restaurant and sitting for a bit my stomach was good to go.

  4. Congratulations on your first sub-hour 10k. I like your style, working backwards from half marathon down, talk about a baptism of fire!! These MEC races sound great, we have similar races over here in England called Parkruns. Completely free, they are held every Saturday morning throughout the year. They are only 5k tho. It’s great to have these races, the MEC, Parkruns etc on our doorstep & open to the masses! Good luck with your running!

    Oh, and favourite post run food…..Scrambled Egg on Toast. Protein & carbs mmmmmmmm

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