Motivation or Lack Thereof

I have a confession to make…I skipped my workout 3 days in a row. I seriously don’t know what’s going on with me because this week I have absolutely zero motivation.


Monday, I finished work and I just didn’t want to go to the gym. Since I had worked out Friday, Saturday and Sunday I figured that was okay, I deserved a break. Then on Tuesday, I was planning on going to the gym but I realized I forgot my gym membership card at home. So while I could have went home and then went back to the gym or worked out at home, I just didn’t. Then Wednesday, I knew I really had to hit the gym after my two unscheduled days off. But the end of my work day came and I found myself driving home instead of to the gym.

I was trying to figure out today why I feel so unmotivated this week. I think part of it is that I am finishing Stage 4 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women and I really don’t like this stage. Part of it is that my races until after Europe are over so I don’t have a specific training goal in mind right now. And part of it this week has been the weather. Mother nature just won’t quit! But really, these are mostly just excuses. What I really need is a swift kick in the behind.

I decided to take my own advice from my previous post, “5 ways to get yourself to the gym when you don’t want to.” And I started looking for some motivational images to get myself pumped up.  





Then I started thinking about inspirational workout people and you know who came to mind…

richard simmons

Richard Simmons was always in the mood to work out! This clip comes from a video of his called “Party off the Pounds.”

Fun fact, I actually met Richard Simmons once. I was volunteering at an Eating Disoders Conference and in the same hotel was the Women’s Health Show where he was speaking. I was working with a lady who was a HUGE Richard Simmons fan and was praying he would walk by us to get to the health show. So when he came down the hallway she ran up to him to tell him how much she loved him. Now I only wish I had a video camera to capture the moment that happened because it was gold. But I’ll give it my best try in words.

He busted out in song…

“If you want to know if he loves you so…”

He tore off his workout jacket threw it to the ground and did a big spun

“It’s in his kiss”

Then he grabbed the lady I was working with and kissed her.

But he wasn’t done. He saw me giggling and shouted “You too!”, ran over to me and kissed me.

It was quite the experience! While he may have been before my time, his energy and love of life was undeniable.

So today I have no more excuses, I’m pumped up on motivatonal quotes and Richard Simmons kisses and I am going to the gym to finish off my New Rules of Lifting for Women!

What do you do when you lack motivation? Have you ever had a celebrity encounter?


8 thoughts on “Motivation or Lack Thereof

  1. I’ve had zero motivation this week. Just, none.
    I’m resting my ankle, so that’s good, but if I wasn’t, I’m sure I may have elected to chill on the couch a few times. I’m definitely blaming the weather, ugh 🙂

  2. Get it girl!! I love your visual motivation and think you’re absolutely phenomenal to push through and get that motivation back!! Who is awesome?! YOU!!! XOXO!! Have a great workout and when I lack motivation, I think back to how good it feels to get that workout in and it usually gives me that pep to get up and do it!

  3. That story about Richard Simmons, made me smile from ear to ear. That man is a BALL of Happiness. I love him.

    You know what? Everyone has these weeks. Even if tonight and tomorrow are the same way… It’s OK.. But.. Saturday.. GIRLLLLLLL you get your butt in that GYM! and You kick it ALL of next week.

    Because you know you will love it.. once you are there!


  4. Consider this a swift kick in the bootie!! When I was lacking motivation I hired a conditioning coach. I’m too cheap to waste my money so I’m working out as hard as possible with him and putting in everything I have during my other workouts too. Richard Simmons is awesome! I remember my mom in her leotard sweating her butt off to the oldies in our living room when I was a teen. Man was I ever embarrassed when my friends came by! I’ve had a few celebrity encounters with Marky Mark, DOnnie Wahlberg and Jon Knight 🙂

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