FYI Friday – Practicing Mindful Eating

Hello and Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you are enjoying your day off work and have some amazing plans with family for Easter this weekend.

I’m super excited for this weekend. Today, I get to spend some quality time with my sister and my two adorable nieces. Today is my niece’s 3rd birthday!! So wish my little cutie a Happy Birthday.


Tomorrow, I am heading out with friends to a Duelling Piano bar and then Sunday having Easter Dinner with the fam jam!

Since Easter is this weekend, I know it means two things – big feast & chocolate! I thought I would discuss a little bit about practicing mindful eating this weekend.

mindful eating

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a concept that I’m a huge proponent of. If you have never heard of the concept before, it’s basically being aware of what you’re eating and why.

The Difference Between Hunger & Appetite

Food is fuel for our body and primarily we should be eating to fuel ourselves. We know that our body requires more fuel when we feel the sensation of hunger. However, we don’t just eat to fuel our body. We eat for 1000 different reasons including celebration, stress, boredom, habit, etc. These reasons can be called appetite. We can have an appetite for food without being physiologically hungry.

When you are about to eat something think about why you are eating it. Are you eating the food because you are experiencing hunger or because you have an appetite for food?

Now it’s not necessarily wrong to eat for appetite rather than hunger. Food plays a very important social and cultural role in our world and sometimes we will end up eating for appetite but it’s good to be aware of it.

Being Aware of What You Are Eating

Have you ever had the experience where you’re eating something, you’re about halfway through and you realize, you don’t even like it.

So often when we eat, we simply put ourselves on auto pilot. We zone out and don’t pay attention to what we are eating or if we are enjoying it. The next time you are about to eat something, really take some time with it. Take a look at what you are about to eat. Then smell what you are about to eat. Put the food in your mouth and let your tastebuds engage. Do you like the taste, do you like the texture. Then slowly chew the food and swallow. Think about the experience. Was it enjoyable? Do you want to keep eating?

By taking the time to slow down and being mindful of what you are eating you will notice a huge difference in how you eat. You may notice that some foods that you have been eating, you actually don’t even like that much. When you eat foods that love you will enjoy and savour the experience. You also may notice you eat less because you feel satisfied sooner.

How To Apply Mindful Eating at Easter

So how does this all apply to your Easter feast? When you are about to load up your plate at Easter, first take note of your hunger. How hungry are you actually and gauge your portion size based on your true physiological hunger.

When you are eating your dinner, take the time to slow down and savour the food. Eat only until you are satisfied. When it comes time for dessert, you will likely not be physiologically hungry. This is one of those times that you are eating for appetite. That’s okay, but be mindful of how much you eat. Consider how much dessert will make you feel satisfied. Now that you realize you aren’t eating for hunger, maybe a smaller piece of cake that you slowly savour will satisfy you as much or more than a full slice that you gobble down without a thought.

Hope some of these tricks will work for you. Mindful eating takes practice. Believe me, I need more practice! I am a fast eater by nature and need to very consciously slow myself down.

Have you ever tried mindful eating? What are you most looking forward to eating at Easter?


6 thoughts on “FYI Friday – Practicing Mindful Eating

  1. Great Tips! I’ve always tried to be more mindful with my eating after I started to lose weight and it’s helped so much. But you’re right, it takes lots of practice and sometimes I still slip up and don’t mindfully watch what I’m eating.

    I’m sure I’ll get there eventually! 🙂

    Laura | Health and Fitness Blogger

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