The Final Countdown

Good morning and happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

For me, the weekend was pretty busy. Friday I spent a full day doing makeup for a photo shoot. It was a hectic day but a lot of fun. The great part is that the work is going to be published in a magazine! The bad news is that means I can’t share any pictures at all from that day. And the magazine doesn’t come out until December! It will be a long wait but at least it’s something to look forward to.

Saturday, Tom and I drove up to our hometown. I took off shopping with a friend while Tom spent some quality family time. Shopping was great. Most of the time I shop alone so it was fun to have a friend to shop with. The only unfortunate part is that we have very similar taste. Luckily we live in different cities so it won’t be too often that this happens.



That night a group of us girls who all went to high school together got together for a little reunion. We recreated the delicious blueberry mojitos that I had last weekend at the duelling piano bar, but I drank considerably less of them this time. Hurray for moderation!


However, there were still some shots involved. My friend made jello shots in lemon rinds. They were unreal!


Sunday I spent the day with some of Tom’s family. We are missing our nephew’s birthday while we are away in Europe but luckily we got a chance to see him and give him his gift. Tom came up with an incredible gift idea. Since he loved Calvin & Hobbes cartoons when he was young he wanted to pass that along to his nephew. Then he got a graphic designer to create a picture in Calvin & Hobbes style of our nephew and his stuffed moose that he takes with him everywhere. It was such a joy to watch him open the gift and watch his eyes get wide with excitement.



Now I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, it is exactly one week until we leave for Europe so it’s the final countdown.

final countdown

Any arrested development fans get my reference?

This week will be full of packing, last-minute preparations and recovering! I’m still sick and unfortunately now Tom is too. Hopefully by Monday we will both be healthy and ready to take on an adventure.

How was your weekend? Who do you think wore the outfit best – me or my friend?


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