Top 5 Reasons You Should Eat Like a Mediterranean

Since I am headed to the Mediterranean in 6 days, I figured this post would be appropriate. Even better, I actually took a course on the Mediterranean diet while in University…in Italy! I know, I live a hard life.


What is the Mediterranean Diet?


As you can see the Mediterranean diet emphasizes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes & nuts. The main source of fat is olive oil. Fish is eaten weekly. Red meat and sweets are eaten in limited quantities.

The Mediterranean diet has been studied a lot due to the fact that those who eat it have lower incidence of heart disease. It also has some associations with lowered risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. But for me the reason I love the diet is its delicious!! Which leads me to….

My Top 5 Reasons For Eating The Mediterranean Diet:

1. Pizza


If you ever get the chance to have pizza in Italy you will never see pizza the same way again. It’s nothing like what we serve here. The thin crust topped with fresh tomatoes and just a small amount of cheese all in a wood burning oven. It’s reason enough to buy a ticket to Italy! A huge part of the Mediterranean diet too is enjoyment of food. And believe me, I ENJOY this pizza!

2. Wine


Of course many regions of the Mediterranean, especially Italy, are known for their wine making. Additionally, red wine is good for your heart too because of the anti-oxidants…in moderation of course.

3. Herbs & Spices


In the Mediterranean diet very little salt is used. Instead an array of herbs and spices are used to give dishes flavour. My favourite is definitely basil, or garlic, or oregano. Okay, I love them all which is why I love the Mediterranean diet so much! Using herbs & spices in food rather than salt can help reduce blood pressure.

4. Fruit


Of course in the Mediterranean the fruit is amazing because it is grown fresh there. But even here, choose fruit that is in season. With summer coming up the fruits in the grocery stores and farmers markets are getting better and better. Take advantage of this time of year and enjoy some fresh fruit as a dessert, snack or anytime!

5. Gelato


Just like in every diet, the Mediterranean diet incorporates sweets in moderation. My favourite sweet treat from the Mediterranean is definitely gelato. I know I will probably be eating my fair share of gelato on my upcoming trip.

On a side note, while writing this post I spelled Mediterranean wrong almost every single time! Apparently I didn’t quite learn all there was to learn in my course. Better go back…


This was directly outside the door of our classroom. Told you I live a hard life.

What’s your favourite part of the Mediterranean diet? Have you ever been to any part of the Mediterranean?


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