April Wrap-Up and Favourites

Good morning everyone and welcome to May! I feel like I felt the same way about March, where did the month go? 

First thing I have to give a shout out to my cutie patootie niece who is turning 5 today! This is a HUGE deal to her because apparently everything in her life will change when she’s 5. I’m very excited to see her this weekend for her and her sister’s combined birthday party.


Now onto my April wrap-up.


April was a pretty terrible month for my workouts. I mean I did do a 10km race and finish the New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 4. But I still felt like overall the amount of workouts I did this month was pretty dismal. This was mostly due to lack of motivation for the first half of April and then a terrible cold that is still hanging on right now for the second half.


But yesterday I decided to send April out with a bang and went for a run….in a t-shirt! I was so excited to be out there.


For the next month, I’ll be on vacation for most of it. But my running gear is packed. Tom and I plan to use running as a means of sightseeing the cities. I also have a 10km race just 3 days after I get home so I know I have to keep somewhat in shape while I’m away.


April didn’t bring on alot of experimenting in the kitchen. I kind of just stuck to my old favourites which is why I had very few recipe posts. I did however have the one genious invention….greek yogurt chocolate peanut butter cheesecake



I did do a bit of makeup shopping in April, I mean, what month don’t I? I shared that in my beauty haul post. I also shared with you my beginners guide to shopping at Sephora.

Some of my standout makeup products from April would be:

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

too faced palette

I think this is an obvious one, I’ve talked enough about my love of this palette. Check out this post for swatches and tutorials.

Sephora’s Glossy Gloss



I acutally won this product at a friend’s stagette during a game. I wasn’t too excited about the product at first. Generally, I’m kind of a makeup snob and shy away from the Sephora brand items. However, I gave it a try and it’s actually amazing! The gloss is non-sticky, shiny without being too glittery and doesn’t have a bad smell. All that for $16 compared to the terrible Bobbi Brown lipgloss I talked about in my beauty fails post for $29. Sometimes brand name isn’t better! Lesson learned about being a snob.


Mac Pro Longwear Foundation


I am in love with this foundation! When they say longwear, it’s true. When I get home from a day at work my foundation hasn’t even budged. Since starting to use this foundation I almost never have to use oil-blotting sheets because my forehead doesn’t look shiny or oxidized. This foundation was a solid investment for sure and my new holy grail product.

That about wraps up April. Oh, except I updated my About Me page! It was long overdue so check it out. If you have any comments feel free to share.

How was April for you? What are you most looking forward to for May? 


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