Leaving on a Jet Plane

Good morning and Happy Monday! I could not be more stoked because today I leave for Europe!!! The worst part is that we don’t leave until tonight and I have to work today so it’s going to be one LOOOONNGG day!

In the meantime, I’ll catch you up on my weekend happenings. Friday I finally got in for a hair appointment! I had trouble scheduling my appointment and then had to reschedule but I needed to get in before Europe because my roots were getting a little bit out of control.


After my hair appointment I drove up to Edmonton…again! Three weekends in a row. Although, considering I missed the snow in Calgary I’m not complaining too much.

Saturday was a busy day. My niece who just turned 5 last week was having her very first friends birthday party. My sister asked if I could be there to help keep a handle on the kids. They had rented a bouncy castle for the birthday which I thought was pretty awesome! I certainly never had a bouncy castle birthday party when I was growing up. The weather was a little cold but that didn’t stop the kids from bouncing! Or me for that matter. I’m totally still a kid at heart!


Then we had some delicious cupcakes. My niece as definitely excited for these and again…so was I!



After some gifts it was time for the kids to go home and time to reset because we were having an evening family conjoined birthday party for both of my nieces!


I got a chance to get in some baby cuddles with my youngest nephew, who isn’t so little anymore!


Spending the evening with family was the perfect way to spend the weekend before heading out on vacation. Sunday I spent the whole day packing, doing last-minute preparing and blogging. It’s amazing that this trip has been booked for 11 months and yet it seems I left everything until the last-minute! But overall, I think I’m ready, at least I managed to fit everything I think I will need into my backpack.



I have one post planned for tomorrow and then after that you will hear from a couple of guest bloggers while I’m away. I’ll also try to pop back for a few updates when I get wifi access.

For now I’ll just say tchau, despedida, ciao & antio. That’s goodbye in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Greek (or so I hope).

How was your weekend? Do you speak any other languages?





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