Quick strength training workouts that will benefit runners

Hi everyone! Jen has given me the opportunity to be a guest blogger and I wanted to begin with a big thank you! My name is Courtney and I am an online personal trainer, running coach, Google Helpout expert and fellow blogger. I’m also a mother of two little ones, wife to a traveling husband and fitness enthusiast. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) I love to bring the science of exercise to our everyday life.

I thought I’d talk about strength training exercises that are beneficial for long distance runners. Many distance runners are not sure what type of strength training routines to add into their programs. Strength training workouts provide the benefit of adding cross training into your routine which in turn will help to avoid overuse injuries.

First, what is a long distance runner? Pretty much anyone from a 1 miler to Marathoner. Once you get past the marathon distance you can stick a big “ultra” in front. 😉 For me, I’m training for the Big Sur Marathon which is next week! After that I plan on scaling back and running distances from 5K to half marathons for the summer.

I currently do strength training workouts twice a week. The first day is a group exercise strength training class I teach and the second is on my own. I’m an advocate for being able to do most workouts anywhere and not needing to have a gym membership. You will need exercise cords for the first workout. These can be purchased at any sporting goods store. I would suggest using a light and medium resistance to begin. The second workout is simply using body weight, but trust me, that’s all you need.

I have put together two workouts that I know are beneficial to any long distance runner. When you work on increasing your strength in your core as well as hips this can help to prevent injuries that are common in runners due to repetitive movements. These workouts can be done on cross training days or added to a short running day. They should take approximately 30-45 minutes at the most. They are a circuit style workout, meaning there is not much rest built into the routine and you go directly from one exercise to the next . The second workout is fun to do with a friend too!

*Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. Begin the workout with a dynamic warm up and end with a cool down of static stretches.

WORKOUT #13 sets
Traveling Wide Squats x 12 ea side
Cross Over Lunges x 12 ea side
Single Leg stand ups x 10 ea side
Bands 15 reps each x 3 sets
Shoulder Press
Standing Back Row
Chest Press
3 sets
Crunches x 20
Hip Lifts w/ 1 foot in air x 15 ea side
Lower Back Extensions (super man) x 30
WORKOUT #2Dirty 1/2 Dozen (start at the top of the list and work your way down by adding an exercise then going back up the list. Begin with 10 of each exercise and decrease the number each round until you complete all the exercises)
Push Ups
Hands to Elbows
Sit Ups/ Crunches
Tricep Dips

Give these a try and let me know what you think. After 6 weeks of these workouts you will need to change up the routine. So check in with me if you’d like a personalized program!


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