Becoming A Happier Person and Impress Manicure Review

Today I am taking a break from my European Recaps because I have two cool things to talk about.

First, as part of my I’m Fit Possible Ambassadorship I got asked to take part in a campaign from a company called Happify.


Have you ever heard of Happify? I hadn’t either so let me explain. It’s a website and (free) app that contains a series of activities and games all focused on making you a happier person. Seems hokey but this app is backed by a lot of scientific research.
When I first heard about it, I wasn’t quite sold. But I gave the App a try anyways and was pleasantly surprised. When you first sign up you fill out a survey and then you get some customized suggestions of “tracks” to take. The first one I tried out was “coping with stress.” One of my biggest problems can be taking on too much at once. Sometimes when all deadlines are coming together at once I find myself getting stressed and this almost panicked feeling creeps up on me. Taking a few minutes to work on a de-stressing activity such as writing down three things that I’m thankful for or doing a couple minute meditation really helped with relieving that panicky feeling.
There are so many other “tracks” that you can work toward to help you become a happier person such as increasing your self-confidence, get motivated to get fit or enjoy parenting more. Really you will find one that suits you! The activities take only a couple of minutes and is something you can do whenever you get a spare moment.
Happify is a truly unique idea and who couldn’t use to be a little more happy! So join the challenge and complete one track. I mean, it’s free so you have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain. Sign-up here. Let me know what you think!
happy gif
And now onto my second topic for today. While I was away in Europe I received notification that I got accepted for my first Vox Box from Influenster. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get home to see what I got. I opened the box and found 2 sets of ImPress Manicure from Broadway Nails.
impress manicure
I almost laughed when I saw these because while I love all things beauty, nails have never been my thing. I am a hardcore nail biter and I HATE having my nails filed. I have only had one manicure in my life and while I didn’t hate it, the experience wasn’t entirely enjoyable for me either.
I have had fake nails once, for my high school graduation. I put them on in the morning and had entirely ripped them all off by that evening. I had a bleeding thumb from ripping them off but I just couldn’t stand them. But despite all that I decided to give these false nails a try!
I wasn’t in love with either of the patterns that I was given, they were both a little wild for me. But ImPress does have a full range including french manicure and plain coloured. I decided to go with the leopard print ones.
impress manicure
The package states the they can last up to 1 week. For me, the first nail fell off after 5 days because I jammed it in a door. But at that point I noticed one other was starting to lift so I took them all off. However, most of them were still on there tight. I think you could definitely get them to last a full 7 days especially considering you have spares that you could use to replace any that prematurely fall off.
Overall I was really impressed (pun- ha ha) with these nails. I loved that there was no glue required! The application was super easy and they looked really good. They were a great length and there was a good variety of sizes so almost anyone could find a match. For the low-cost of these, about $8 at Wal-Mart, I think they are totally worth it.
Surprisingly, I actually got used to the feeling of these and would definitely wear them. These are something I could see myself purchasing on my own (in a less wild print).
  • The Happify links in this post are affiliate links
  • I received the ImPress Manicure products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Do you have any experience with fake nails? Are you ready to take the Happify Challenge?




6 thoughts on “Becoming A Happier Person and Impress Manicure Review

  1. Your nails are super cute! I may have to try that out!

    OH, and HAPPIFY is HAPPENING (see what I did there? *giggles*) I’m going to download it when I get out of work… so I can totally obsess over it when I get home.

    Come check out my spot today. I started something, a link up, and I’m calling it TWIT Thursdays. It’s to promote the healthy lifestyle and the journey. Keep the positivity train going and jump on!

    Also: I posted my tabata workout today to! Come on over!!!

  2. Oh you would shudder if you were to see my nails. Ha ha I never paint my nails. It’s the tomboy that hasn’t grown up in me 🙂 I will check out the Happify app. I used to be addicted to those “how to be happy” self-improvement books when I was younger.

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