Europe Recap Part 3 – Rome and Athens

Hello and Happy Monday. I don’t know what happened on Friday but my scheduled post didn’t go out. So here it is today! I’m continuing with my European recaps. If you missed my previous ones check them out:

Lisbon, Madrid & Venice

Florence, Pisa & Cinque Terre

The morning we were leaving the Cinque Terre we had to take a train to Le Spezzia in order to catch our train which we had a reservation to in Rome. Unfortunately, Italy tends to run on their own time. And we heard the first announcement that our train was 10 minutes delayed, then 15 minutes delayed. Tom and I started panicking because we only had about 12 minutes between the time we were supposed to arrive to the time our Rome train departed. Once we arrived in La Spezzia we ran with our backpacks on – Amazing Race style – to see if we could make our train. Luckily, like I said, Italy runs on their own time and that train was also delayed.

When we got to Rome we headed right out to do some sightseeing. We started at the Roman Forum, which is incredible. This was the centre of the roman empire for so long. It’s kind of humbling standing in a place that’s thousands of years old.

roman forum

roman forum

After the forum, we headed to the Trevi Fountain where we threw in coins as our promise to return to Rome. It worked for me last time! I returned 5 years later…with the same hairdo…embarrassing.

trevi fountain rome


Next up…the spanish steps. Holy tourists! There were just so many people here and truly I didn’t see the appeal but still took the obligatory picture.

trevi fountain

The next day we started out early as we had booked a tour for the Vatican that started before the Vatican opened to the public. I have been to the Vatican before but last time I felt like I just walked through and saw some pretty art but didn’t understand. Booking the tour was SOOO worth it, it was incredibly interesting.



After the Vatican we headed to the Pantheon…not to be confused with the Parthenon like Tom did. Wrong country!


Next we headed to the Leonardo DaVinci museum where we got to see the brilliance of Da Vinci. His inventions and knowledge in so many different fields is just unreal. Did you know he was the person to invent the 360 mirror…What Not To Wear has him to thank. Of course, I had to take a turn in the mirror…is my outfit working for me?


Next it was time to head to the iconic Colosseum.

colosseum rome

colosseum rome

We returned to the Colosseum again at night because it’s just truly magical at night. I spent some time pondering the magnitude of the building.



After Rome it was time to say goodbye to Italy. I was definitely sad about this. Of course I was looking forward to Greece but Italy is just such an amazing country. I love the cities, the food, the people and the culture.

Athens, Greece

We didn’t arrive in Athens until about 2p.m. Our hostel was super easy to find from the train and really close to the Acropolis. Since we were there on a Sunday the Acropolis was free, score! And Tom finally got to see the Parthenon!

pantheon athens

We were actually lucky we got this picture. In Greece they are SUPER strict at all museums about picture taking and behaviour. There are workers everywhere and if you try and do any sort of funny poses they make you delete them from your camera.

After the Acropolis we wandered around Athens for a bit then checked out the rooftop bar of our hostel. It had an incredible view of the Acropolis and was the perfect place to watch the sunset.

acropolis sunset

And of course, no night in Greece would be complete without some shots of Ouzo!

greece ouzo shot

Blech! That stuff is so horrible. That was the only shot I did!

The next day we headed out on our mainland bus tour of Greece and I will tell you all about that in my next recap.




7 thoughts on “Europe Recap Part 3 – Rome and Athens

  1. The Roman Forum.. WHOA. I love the picture with those big DOORS! So cool!

    And They really DELETE FUNNY PICTURES FROM YOUR CAMERAS? UH… NO? All my pictures are funny!

    I love these posts. I want to go to Ireland one day… but, I can live vicariously through your European Adventure.. for now!

  2. Gorgeous pictures again. Love some ouzo …. eeek! ha ha I didn’t realize they were so strict about picture taking. That’s interesting. I guess they want to perserve tradition or something like that

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