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About my Blog:

My name is Jen and I am both a Registered Dietitian and Professional Makeup Artist. I created this blog to talk about my passions: nutrition, fitness & makeup! Of course along with that I am going to talk about my life and adventures with my amazing husband and high-school sweetheart, Tom.


Proper nutrition fuels our bodies, physical fitness makes us stronger and makeup helps us feel more confident. I hope that through my personal stories, opinions, tutorials and advice I can help women feel more beautiful inside & out!

About my life:


I completed my Bachelors Degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. After completing my internship I moved to Calgary for my husband’s work. I have been working as a Registered Dietitian at a rehabilitation and long term care centre ever since. I also do contract work giving weight loss education sessions, talking to runners about nutrition or handing out smoothies! Anything nutrition and you can count me in!


I have a very simple food philosophy – all food fits. I don’t believe in “good” and “bad” foods. Food is a source of fuel for our body but it’s also a source of pleasure. I balance my life with foods that nourish and keep my body healthy but I also enjoy indulgences….especially chocolate!



I have always had a passion for makeup but I really started getting obsessed when I decided to do my own wedding makeup. I soon decided that I wanted to pursue makeup and went back to school to get my Diploma in Makeup Artistry. I now work freelance as a makeup artist doing weddings, fashion shows and photo shoots.



Fitness is a huge part of my life. I love running and have completed 4 half-marathons. This year I am training to complete my first full marathon, the New York Marathon! I also enjoy weight lifting and am currently completing the New Rules of Lifting for Women Program.


Pretty Little Grub?

Coming up with a blog name is easily the hardest part of blogging. I knew I wanted something that encompassed both food & beauty in the name. I started by writing out words for makeup & food. When I wrote out the word grub I knew that was it. Not only is it another word for food it is also my nickname! You see my Dad gives a nickname to pretty much everyone he meets and once he’s picked a nickname for you, it sticks. My sister’s nickname is Turkey, my brother is Gangster and me….I was Little Grub.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I am always open to comments, questions, etc. I will do my best to comment on your posts and respond to emails quickly. So feel free to contact me!

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Cool combination of nutrition and makeup artistry! How long did it take you to complete both? I’ve often thought about doing makeup art, not for a job, but just because I like makeup.

    I agree finding a blog name is the trickiest thing!

    • To become an RD it was a 4 year degree and then a year long internship, so 5 years total. To become a makeup artist I did evening courses over a couple of months.
      My love of makeup is exactly what prompted me to go to school for it. But seriously now day there are so many amazing you tube tutorials, if you just love makeup you can be completely self taught.

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